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Zim Brott

Gender: Male
Species: Bolian
Affiliation: Starfleet
Rank: Petty officer
Status: Deceased (2375)
Died: 2375
Played by: Chris Kelly
Zim Brott and his children.jpg

Zim Brott and his children

Zim Brott and his children

Zim Brott was a Bolian petty officer in Starfleet, who served on Deep Space 9 from 2370 to 2375. Brott had a wife and co-husband on Bolarus IX, as well as two children. His quarters on DS9 were located in section H43 of the habitat ring.

In 2375, Brott was the third Starfleet officer murdered by a Vulcan science officer named Chu'lak, who shot him through the heart using a TR-116 rifle. Like the previous victims, Brott had been targeted because there was a photograph of him laughing in his quarters. (DS9: "Field of Fire")

Brott was played by background actor Chris Kelly, who received no credit for his appearance.
His rank is the only time a "petty officer" has been referenced in dialog, even though there have been numerous chief petty officers. The only other reference to petty officer grades was in Robert Fletcher's uniform designs for the Star Trek films, which featured a variety of enlisted insignia.
In Star Trek Online, Brott's daughter Danna is the captain of the freighter SS Azura.

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