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Rondon, A Zaldon

The Zaldans were a humanoid species characterized by webbed hands.

As a culture, Zaldans were easily infuriated by courtesy, as they viewed it as a form of phony social behavior designed to cover true feelings. This fact was not lost on Wesley Crusher who, in 2364, entered into a conflict with a Zaldan Starfleet officer on Relva VII named Rondon, when he accidentally collided with him in a corridor. When Rondon became belligerent, Wesley responded in kind, averting a confrontation. It was later revealed that the incident had actually been staged, as a way to test Wesley's appreciation of cultural complexities, as a part of the Starfleet Academy entrance exam. (TNG: "Coming of Age")


Zaldans have appeared in a number of novels, including Tales of the Dominion War and Mere Mortals.

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