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Xindi-Primate starship
A vessel of the class, docked with Degra's ship
A vessel of the class, docked with Degra's ship
Affiliation: Xindi-Primate
Active: 22nd century

The Xindi-Primate ship was a type of Xindi cruiser used by the Xindi-Primates in the 2150s.

In 2154, Degra docked with a vessel of this type for a meeting with three members of the Xindi Council. (ENT: "")

Later the same year, a fleet of Primate and Arboreal ships escorted the NX-class starship Enterprise through their security zone to the Xindi Council planet. (ENT: "The Council")

Shortly thereafter, the Primate starship was among several which intercepted a Reptilian and Insectoid fleet guarding the Xindi weapon. (ENT: "Countdown")


This vessel additionally appears in the video games Star Trek: Encounters and Star Trek: Conquest.

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