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Xindi-Aquatic escape pod

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Xindi-Aquatic escape pod
Xindi-Aquatic escape pod.jpg

Xindi-Aquatic escape pod

Affiliation: Xindi-Aquatic
Type: Escape pod
Active: 22nd century
Crew complement: 1
Armament: None

The Xindi-Aquatic escape pod was a type of small one-man escape pod of fairly typical design used aboard some types of Xindi starships. This type of vessel was had no armaments, and was capable of maneuvering under water.

The Aquatics used one of these pods to clandestinely transfer Jonathan Archer back to the Enterprise NX-01 after he was captured by the Xindi in the Azati Prime system in early 2154.

Archer later assigned Travis Mayweather and Hoshi Sato to analyze the pod for any useful information they could find. Although the ship itself contained no significant revealations, Sato did discover an encrypted message in its database left there by Degra revealing secret rendezvous coordinates. (ENT: "Damage")

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