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Wyatt Miller.jpg

Wyatt Miller

Wyatt Miller
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Occupation: Physician
Status: Alive (2364)
Played by: Rob Knepper
Wyatt Miller paintings.jpg

Paintings of Wyatt Miller, done by Ariana

Paintings of Wyatt Miller, done by Ariana

Doctor Wyatt Miller was a Human male, a civilian physician and son of Victoria and Steven Miller. The Millers were close friends of Lwaxana and Ian Andrew Troi, and had Wyatt bonded to their daughter, Deanna Troi, while the two were young.

The marriage was scheduled for early 2364, and Lwaxana and the Miller family arrived on the USS Enterprise-D to make the necessary arrangements for the wedding. Wyatt did not want to go through with the marriage. Ever since he was a child, he had dreams about a mysterious young woman, whom he believed would be his future wife. He thought it was Deanna who telepathically projected those images into his mind. But upon meeting her, he knew she was not the woman of his dreams. The wedding was canceled when Wyatt found his fantasy lover, Ariana, aboard a Tarellian ship. The Tarellian civilization was wiped out by a plague caused by biological warfare. All of the surviving Tarellians had tried to flee but carried the infection with them. He beamed over to the ship with supplies in order to help find a cure for Ariana and her people. (TNG: "Haven")

Wyatt Miller was played by Rob Knepper.

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