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WildStorm FX is an in-house comics coloring group for WildStorm Comics. Within the company, it was affectionaly known as "the pit". They did coloring on a number of comic books released by WildStorm, and occasionally on comics published by DC Comics and Image Comics.

Artists belonging to the group included Wendy Broome, Wendy Fouts, Chris Garcia, Michael Garcia, Eric Guerrero, Heather Martin, Randy Mayor, Paul Michael, Larry Molinar, Peter Pantazis, David Rodriguez, Darlene Royer, Carrie Strachan, Ben Dimagmaliw, Jeromy Cox, Kanila Tripp, Jess Ruffner, Ian Hannin, Homer Reyes, David Baron, Laura Martin, and Laura DePuy.

More recently, they worked with John Higgins and Dave Gibbons on recoloring the "Watchman" hardcover re-release of the original comic series, and the "Batman: Year One" hardcover re-release.

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