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View-Master (or ViewMaster) is a three-dimensional stereoscopic viewing device that utilizes specially produced image reels which, when inserted into and viewed through the viewer, create stereoscopic or 3-D images. Typically, modern reel packets contain three reels each, with a total of 21 pairs of images altogether. Since its creation in 1939, the View-Master has been produced in many forms and by several companies. Currently, Fisher-Price (a subsidiary of Mattel, Inc.) makes the device.

Over the years, five licensed Star Trek-themed projects have been made for the standard View-Master viewer. The first, adapting the episode TOS: "The Omega Glory", was shot on set with a stereo camera while the episode was being filmed, whereas the second (adapting TAS: "Yesteryear"), consists of drawn art based on the Filmation animated episode. The two movie-based sets (based on Star Trek: The Motion Picture and Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan) feature 2-D publicity photos processed into "layered" 3-D images. The final set's images (adapting TNG: "A Matter Of Honor") appear to simulate 3-D via computer manipulation of the paired images. The first three sets were released in the original square paper envelopes (complete with story booklets or a trivia booklet), while the latter two saw release exclusively on "blister cards" (long cardboard cards with the reels held on in plastic "blister" bubbles) and with two different release numbers.

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The second set was also released in a version usable with the "Talking View-Master" viewer available at the time (Reel Set AVB555).

The Star Trek: The Motion Picture set was alternatively available in a Gift Pak & Poster cylindrical cardboard tub, complete with a double-sided movie poster and customized cardboard 3-D glasses (to view the 3-D side of the poster); the three-reel set was later re-released on a blister card (Reel Set 2362).

30 drawn and colored 2-D animation-style images, based on publicity stills from Star Trek: The Motion Picture, were available on a small cartridge (Set 3158) made for the View-Master Show Beam push-button projector, which resembled a long plastic torch.

A Star Trek image pair of the USS Enterprise filming model appears on the Smithsonian Institution's "National Air and Space Museum" View-Master reel set. Two images of the Star Trek Adventure attraction appear in the blister pack version of "Universal Studios, Hollywood, Set 2: Entertainment Center".

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