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August 12, 2008
Bajoran lightship (aft)
Happy Solar Sailing!

I like the concept of space travel. There are risky yet tantalizing ideas for traveling to other stars with existing technology.

I wonder if the Prophets visited Steppenwolf - j/k.

About MeEdit

I like science. I am also learning about Wikis, and beginning to see how an intellectual academic community can spring up from grass roots.

Here's a list of my contributions.

Wish List for Star Trek Sequel 2012!Edit


Since the screen-writers have taken artistic license with the Romulans, I suggest they do something similar with the Klingons. I bet that a new movie could make bad guys even more bad. What about more realistic battle scenes? I realize that it can't be too dark or gory due to MPAA ratings, but Klingons can become serious business if given the right treatment. Keep in mind that Roddenberry himself altered the appearance of Klingons for Star Trek: The Motion Picture (disregarding for a moment the whole ENT: "Affliction" back-story.)

Kirk Flexing his AuthoritahEdit

I would like to see Kirk get into some real management issues with his crew. He is young, and he has a lot to prove - WITHOUT Spock giving him pointers. I'd really like to see Kirk struggle with issues like self-confidence, or even being *too* pushy. It's these kind of struggles that made the "Wrath of Khan" movie dramatic and made Kirk's character admirable.

TNG Story StyleEdit

If mystery was the bread-and-butter of ST:TNG, then under-handed dealings were the dramatic counter-point. While a mystery adventure searches for the truth, evasionary tactics by enemies attempt to cloak and hide that same truth. For instance, many episodes with the Romulans (especially TNG: "The Pegasus" and appearances of Tomalak) had ample doses of both. Picard would often throw the smarminess of Romulans back in their face. The episodes TNG: "Gambit, Part I", "Gambit, Part II" are similar, although less suspenseful. As a twist, sometimes the aforementioned evasive enemy is actually a friend TNG: "Clues". This kind of intellectual chase made the show engaging. Another good mystery was in TNG: "The Chase" albeit with a bit of a sappy message.

High-Concept EngineeringEdit

I appreciate that the screen-writers are trying to avoid techno-babble, so as to not alienate any new-comers to the Trek franchise. Barring that, I'd really like to SEE cool things if the characters can't talk about them. I like to see isolinear chips, plasma conduits, transtators, wires, tubes, components, etc. Maybe the screen-writers should visit a telecommunications electronics research-and-development laboratory to see what the "real world" looks like, and adapt it to film. (Such a visit can be arranged, ahem.)

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