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aka Suzi LadyVulcan BlueberryBanshee6014

  • I live in San DiegoParadise Hills/Limbo Rainbowland
  • I was born on April 7
  • My occupation is Project Coordinator
  • I am femaralien Vulcan with Terran Castle Routes~~~~
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link titleThis brief blurb was placed here to hold Blueberr6014's Suser page from clogging up WantAd Pages. I the Suser, please freely to let the publishing community here at Wikia know a little more about my suelfcontributions.

<>Currently producing Project Vulcan(Vampires&Vulcans) here @Wikia & Angelfire/tripod with some of my flavourite inclusions of Star Track Vulcan High Crouncil & Turner/Artra Classinx Showcase> Its Multicultural and Buena good for the Energia. Also good foodra,te' & coffee
Westland Giftware USS Enterprise cookie jar
support health exercise & leisure!

<>I love to do Webpaiges, Facebook, BlueBanshee, Spaicebook (KreludorMoon) & Angelfire... 
a vampire is a vampire is a vampire..i rather love Belladonna...a rather magical site like this one:

[1]: <><>
Xindi-Reptilian boarding party

Kreludor Alien Gatekeeper keeps things tidy & cheery here...aka Lady Vulcan!Blueberry6014 (talk) 03:52, August 31, 2013 (UTC)

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