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USS Rhode Island
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USS Rhode Island

Class: Nova-class
Registry: NCC-72701
Owner: United Federation of Planets
Operator: Starfleet
Status: Active (2404)

The USS Rhode Island (NCC-72701) was a 24th century Federation Nova-class starship operated by Starfleet.

Even though the original Nova-class from the 2370s was limited to a maximum warp factor of warp 8 and was considered a planetary research vessel, the Rhode Island was designed for long term deep space assignments.

In an alternate timeline, the Rhode Island was commanded by Captain Harry Kim, and assigned to a four-year exploration mission. In 2404, the Rhode Island defended Admiral Janeway's shuttlecraft when it came under attack by two Klingon Negh'var warships. (VOY: "Endgame")



Behind the scenesEdit

The Rhode Island was created by Robert Bonchune of Foundation Imaging from the existing modification of the USS Equinox. His modifications included a different bridge dome and the filling in of the gap in front of the primary hull's deflector dish. The engine nacelles and escape pods were also altered.

It was Foundation Imaging which assigned the Rhode Island its registry. (Star Trek Magazine issue 121,  p. 78) The Rhode Island may be named after the state of Rhode Island or any one of several US battleships which have borne the name. According to Larry Nemecek, the name was chosen as a joke; even though Harry Kim finally gets to command his own starship, it's still only named after the smallest state in the United States. [X]wbm


In Star Trek Online the Rhode Island is the lead vessel of a variant on the Nova-class, dubbed Rhode Island-class (β) (the Science Vessel Refit in game mechanics). In the 2014 Delta Rising expansion, Harry Kim, now a captain, commands the vessel in the year 2410.

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