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Writer(s): Peter David
Artist(s): Stephen Thompson
Publisher: IDW Publishing
Editor(s): Andrew Steven Harris & Scott Dunbier
Published: 29 October 2008
Pages: 136
Stardate: Unknown (2379)
You may also be looking for the series itself.


From the back cover
The most dangerous experimental vessel in the galaxy – a prototype time ship – has vanished, and it appears that the man who stole it is none other than Starfleet Admiral Edward Jellico. Only Mackenzie Calhoun and the crew of the Excalibur have a hope in finding him before the ship, intended purely for scientific exploration, is used to disrupt the space-time continuum!
Peter David, the hand-picked creator of the first Star Trek crew designed exclusively for print, celebrates the 10th anniversary of the New Frontier with this comic book series, showcasing all-new stories and the official continuation of the hit novels.

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  1. "Turnaround, Part I"
  2. "Turnaround, Part II"
  3. "Turnaround, Part III"
  4. "Turnaround, Part IV"
  5. "Turnaround, Part V"

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