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Gender: Female
Species: Native of Kelemane's planet
Occupation: Astronaut
Status: Deceased (2376)
Died: 2376
Played by: Kat Sawyer-Young

Tureena was one of two astronauts from Kelemane's planet sent to make contact with USS Voyager in the Orbital 1 spacecraft, along with pilot Gotana-Retz. Tureena was in command.

After losing contact with Launch Control, Tureena decided to dock with Voyager and enter the ship. She and the other astronaut found the crew motionless due to a time differential. As she and the other astronaut transferred to Voyager's time frame, her body was unable to adjust and she died. (VOY: "Blink of an Eye")

Tureena was played by Kat Sawyer-Young.

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