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Trefayne as a humanoid

Trefayne as a humanoid
Gender: Male
Species: Organian
Affiliation: Council of Elders
Status: Alive (2267)
Played by: David Hillary Hughes

Trefayne was one member of the Council of Elders during Kirk's visit to Organia in 2267. Described as "quite intuitive" by Council spokesman Ayelborne, Trefayne knew that eight space vehicles had assumed orbit around the planet before Spock was able to verify this with his tricorder. Additionally, he knew that these vehicles were beaming men to the surface, and that these men carried many weapons. Although Trefayne's pronouncements, and Ayelborne's confidence in them, provoked Kirk's curiosity, Kirk had more important concerns, and never investigated. This was, although he did not then realize it, Kirk's first clue that there was more to the Organians than met the eye. (TOS: "Errand of Mercy")

Trefayne was portrayed by David Hillary Hughes.

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