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A transwarp hub

A transwarp hub was a structure that connected the Borg Collective's galactic network of transwarp conduits. Connecting to thousands of exit apertures in all four quadrants, the hub allowed the Borg to quickly deploy vessels almost anywhere in the galaxy, giving them a decisive tactical advantage. The galaxy had six such hubs, characterized by extremely high neutrino emissions and intermittent graviton flux. The hubs were supported by interspatial manifolds, whose shielding the Borg Queen regulated from the central nexus.

Borg transwarp network

The Borg transwarp network

In 2378, the crew of USS Voyager discovered a hub in the Delta Quadrant, inside a nebula in grid 986. The nebula contained at least forty-seven Borg cubes. Collaborating with Captain Janeway's counterpart from twenty-six years in the future, who had traveled back in time to change history, the Voyager crew destroyed the hub and, with it, the entire transwarp network. Admiral Janeway had deliberately infected herself with a neurolytic pathogen and allowed the Borg Queen to assimilate her, disrupting the Queen's ability to regulate the shielding around the interspatial manifolds. Having taken the ship into one of the hub's conduits, the Voyager crew then fired transphasic torpedoes, causing a chain reaction that destroyed the entire network. Staying ahead of the resultant shock wave, Voyager exited the aperture less than a light year away from Earth before the conduit collapsed (VOY: "Endgame").

According to the Star Trek Online video game, the Federation established the first links of its own system of transwarp conduits in 2399, and by 2409 would link the Sol system to key starbases in and around Federation territory, including Deep Space 9, Deep Space Station K-7, and Starbase 39-Sierra. The Federation network does not appear to employ a visible hub, though a Federation-built transwarp aperture complex located near Risa leads to Borg-controlled territory. The Klingon Empire also maintains or at least uses a transwarp network, though it is unknown when it was established relative to the Federation version.

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