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A tornado was a destructive weather phenomenon that occured on some planets, such as Bajor and Earth. On the latter planet, tornadoes could be dissipated by weather modification networks. (TNG: "True Q")

Amanda Rogers' parents were executed by the Q Continuum in the form of a single tornado, which spontaneously appeared over their house in Topeka, Kansas, destroyed the house, and then disappeared. (TNG: "True Q")

In 2365, Theta VIII's atmosphere was found to contain large concentrations of ammonia among other gases that formed ammonia tornadoes. (TNG: "The Royale")

Yaderan folklore stated that Changelings could transform into tornadoes. In one story that Taya told Odo in 2370, the Great Minra tricked a Changeling by telling him tornadoes were easy to transform into. (DS9: "Shadowplay")

After the Reckoning began in 2374, the Bajoran city Tamulna was hit by a tornado. (DS9: "The Reckoning")

Tornadoes were sometimes used in a humorous way to describe destruction in a particular area. In 2370, Miles O'Brien joked that a tornado that no one on Deep Space 9 heard had damaged the science lab. (DS9: "The Alternate")

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