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Tongo Rad

Tongo Rad
Gender: Male
Species: Catullan
Status: Alive (2269)
Played by: Victor Brandt

Tongo Rad was a male Catullan, son of the Catullan ambassador to the Federation, from whom he inherited his extraordinary abilities in the field of space studies.

In 2269, Rad was a follower of Dr. Sevrin, in his search for the planet Eden. He and his companions had stolen the Aurora in an attempt to find the planet. The vessel was damaged and moments before it exploded, he and the others were beamed to safety by the USS Enterprise. After Dr. Sevrin was arrested and confined to the brig, Rad and another follower released him, fled the ship and found Eden. The planet turned out to be deadly, with poisonous fruit and acid ground. He was rescued by the Enterprise. (TOS: "The Way to Eden")

Tongo Rad was played by Victor Brandt.

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