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Second Toman'torax (2372)

Second Toman'torax (2372)
Gender: Male
Species: Jem'Hadar
Rank: Second
Occupation: Second in command of a unit under the Vorta Weyoun
Status: Alive (2372)
Played by: Brian Thompson

Toman'torax was a Jem'Hadar soldier in service of the Dominion. He served as Omet'iklan's Second from 2369 to 2372, under the Vorta Weyoun. Toman'torax was one of six Jem'Hadar rescued from their crippled attack ship in 2372 by the USS Defiant. Toman'torax looked forward to fighting a Klingon, and attempted to provoke Lieutenant Commander Worf into combat. While the starship was en route to Vandros IV to destroy an Iconian gateway seized by rogue Jem'Hadar, Toman'torax succeeded by threatening Chief Miles O'Brien, inciting a riot in the Defiant mess hall. Omet'iklan executed him for his disobedience. (DS9: "To the Death")

Toman'torax was played by actor Brian Thompson.

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