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Real World article
(written from a Production point of view)
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Writer(s): unknown
Artist(s): John Stokes
Periodical: Valiant & TV21 #43-47
Series: Star Trek (UK) #31
Published: 22 July 1972 - 19 August 1972
Pages: 10
Stardate: unknown (unknown)

Somewhere in deep space, its power unit long dead, a metal cylinder drifted on an endless, helpless journey...


The Enterprise encounters a space probe that houses the minds of Janvarian criminals. The collective minds trick Captain Kirk into taking them back to Janvar.

Memorable quotesEdit

"Incredible! The whole craft's come aboard!"
"But– there can't be living beings in a thing that size!"

- Crewman and Kirk

"Destroy, Kort... destroy them all! There's not a second to lose!"

- Kort's aide


Setting and technologyEdit

Enterprise attacked by missiles

A flurry of missiles attack the Enterprise

Publishing historyEdit

None of the UK weekly stories had titles.


Regular castEdit

Other charactersEdit

  • Kort, president of Janvar

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