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Template:Disambiguate Theodore "Ted" Sturgeon (born Edward Hamilton Waldo) (26 February 19188 May 1985; age 67) was a prolific science fiction author. He made his mark in the Star Trek universe, crafting the backstory for Spock and the Vulcans in TOS: "Amok Time", an episode that garnered him a Hugo Award nomination.

Sturgeon wrote two Star Trek: The Original Series episodes, "Shore Leave" and "Amok Time". He also wrote two unproduced story outlines: "The Joy Machine", which was later developed into a first draft teleplay by Meyer Dolinsky, then into a novel by James Gunn, published by Pocket Books, and "Shore Leave II", an intended sequel to "Shore Leave".

According to the Star Trek Encyclopedia, the character Sturgeon from "The Man Trap" was named after him. Sturgeon was also referred to in dialogue in DS9: "Far Beyond the Stars", and thus has a namesake in the Star Trek universe.

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