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Author(s): Christopher L. Bennett
Artist(s): Alan Dingman
Publisher: Pocket Books
Series: Star Trek: Typhon Pact
Published: 4 October 2011
Pages: 100
Stardate: Unknown (2382)
Reference(s): ISBN 1451651422
ASIN B004U7G7UQ (Kindle)

The Struggle Within, by Christopher L. Bennett, is an eBook-exclusive release. The novella-length story forms part of the Star Trek: Typhon Pact series, and was released in October 2011. The story features the Next Generation characters, the Talarians, and the Holy Order of the Kinshaya (β), the only Pact member not to have been featured in the earlier novels.

Summary Edit

Solicitation blurb
An original e-novella in the acclaimed Typhon Pact series! The Enterprise-E is on a diplomatic mission to the Talarian Republic, the last holdout in the Federation's efforts to expand the Khitomer Accords in response to the emergence of the Typhon Pact. In the wake of Andor's recent secession, the Federation is more concerned than ever with strengthening its alliances. The Talarians have been a tenuous potential partner at best, given the history of conflict and mistrust between them and the Federation. But the negotiations between Picard and the Talarians are disrupted by a growing public protest of those who are demanding greater rights – and before long, it becomes clear that the dissidents are not limiting themselves to nonviolent means…

Background information Edit

  • The release was announced by the author on 16 April 2011. [1] It will be the first original-material Star Trek eBook released by Pocket since Enterprises of Great Pitch and Moment in 2008. The story briefly carried the working titles Civil Disobedience, under which it was listed at several retailer sites, and The Courage of Conscience.

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