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Real World article
(written from a Production point of view)
The Starless World 1974.jpg

Cover of the 1978 original

Author(s): Gordon Eklund
Publisher: Bantam Books
Titan Books
Series: Bantam TOS
Star Trek Adventures (Titan Books reprint)
Published: November 1978
November 1984
27 January 1994 (Titan Books reprint)
Pages: 152
Stardate: 6532.1 (Unknown)
Reference(s): ISBN 1852865059 (Titan Books reprint)


From the book jacket (1984 edition)
Captain's Log, Stardate 6532.1
While investigating rumors of renewed activity by the Klingon Empire within the Galactic Core, the Enterprise made contact with a shuttlecraft from the USS Rickover, a starship presumed lost with all hands over 20 years ago. The lone occupant of that shuttlecraft – Thomas Clayton, once my roommate at Starfleet Academy, now the self-proclaimed chosen son and favored prophet of a deity he calls Ay-nab. I had planned on disregarding Clayton entirely – until control of our engines was seized by an as-yet-unexplained outside force... a force, Clayton insists, that is now taking us to meet his god.

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James T. Kirk
Thomas Clayton


Klingon Empire; USS Rickover; Dyson sphere; black hole; galactic core; Gods

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