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Thestarlost cover.jpg

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Writer(s): Michael Jan Friedman
Artist(s): Peter Krause and Pablo Marcos
Publisher: DC Comics
Series: DC TNG volume 2
Published: April 1993
Pages: 144
Stardate: 44212.9 - 44298.2 (2367)

The Star Lost was a comic book arc, spanning issues 20-24 of the DC Comics Star Trek: The Next Generation series, and was later compiled as a graphic novel under this title.


From the back cover
A routine shuttlecraft mission goes awry, leading Captain Picard to believe half his command crew has perished. Faced with continuing the mission of the U.S.S. Enterprise™, the captain and crew must deal with their grief on their own time.
Unknown to the crew, though, is that the shuttle crew is not dead – just on the other side of the galaxy! Their epic struggle to survive and ultimately find their way home fuels this power-packed story with dynamic artwork.

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Issues CollectedEdit

Background InformationEdit

  • An introduction was written for the collection by Ronald D. Moore.
  • In this series, the lost crewmembers are piloting a shuttlecraft named the Albert Einstein. Since there were over half-a-dozen crew and cargo, this would likely be one of the NCC-1701-D's larger personnel shuttles, but series artists used the wrong design reference and drew a type 15 shuttlepod in all exterior views. The type-15 pod has a maximum of 3 crew and a small cargo space, and could not use a warp drive as featured in this story. However, this could be construed reference to the never-seen type-16A shuttlepod featured in the Star Trek: The Next Generation Technical Manual, which has an identical platform to the type-15, but is scaled up to a larger proportion.


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