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The Rise and Fall of Khan Noonien Singh, Volume 1

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Author(s): Greg Cox
Publisher: Pocket Books
Series: Pocket TOS
The Eugenics Wars #1
Published: 1 July 2001
Pages: 404 (hardcover)
520 (paperback)
Stardate: 7004.1 (March 1974 - November 1989, 2271)
Reference(s): ISBN 0671021273 (hardcover)
ISBN 0743406427 (paperback)
Narrator: Anthony Stewart Head
Running Time: 3 hours
Publisher: Simon and Schuster Audioworks
Published: 1 July 2001
Reference(s): ISBN 0743507576 (cassette)
ISBN 0743507584 (CD)


Captain James T. Kirk must probe deep into the secrets of the past to discover the true origins of the infamous Eugenics Wars - and of the man who became perhaps the most dangerous foe he has ever had to face.

Background information


Framing sequence

This is a list of characters from the framing sequence, taking place after Star Trek: The Motion Picture.
James T. Kirk
Leonard McCoy
Montgomery Scott
Hikaru Sulu
Pavel Chekov
Seth Lerner 
Lieutenant. Security officer.
Masako Clark 
Regent of Paragon Colony.
Gregor Lozin 
Chairman of the committee of internal security on Paragon Colony.

Main story

This is a list of characters from the main story, taking place in the late 20th century.
Khan Noonien Singh
Gary Seven
Roberta Lincoln
Sarina Kaur 
Director of the Chrysalis Project. It was later found out that Khan was her "son". She was the one who donated the egg to be fertilized, she carried him during pregnancy and gave birth to him.
Walter Takagi
Victor Lozinak
Ralph Offenhouse
Wilson Evergreen
Scientist from mid 20th century Earth. After surviving a lethal attack by a fourteen-year-old Khan in 1984, Dr. Evergreen explained that he was born in Mesopotamia 6,000 years earlier, which in conjunction with listing several past aliases indicates that he is the immortal Flint. Evergreen's work included manipulating Earth's magnetic field via a geostationary satellite. This method would make possible the preservation of Earth's ozone layer in the face of CFC abuse by man. Gary Seven eventually persuaded him to destroy everything related to his work as the device could also be used as a weapon to create holes in the ozone layer over an enemy nation. Evergreen left the ozone hole unrepaired to remind humanity that there were consequences to their reckless behavior, and to encourage a move toward a peaceful, responsible, more enlightened era.
Gillian Taylor
Shannon O'Donnell
Jeff Carlson
Ronald Reagan
Mikhail Gorbachev


Faith Garland
Adolf Hitler
Sigmund Freud
Albert Einstein


Area 51; Beta 5 computer; Class K planet; Eugenics Wars; Federation Council

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