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Author(s): Dafydd ab Hugh
Artist(s): Dru Blair
Publisher: Pocket Books
Series: Pocket DS9 #26
Rebels #3
Published: 1 March 1999
Pages: 238
Stardate: Unknown (2370s)
Reference(s): ISBN 0671011421 (paperback)
ASIN B000FC0R24 (Kindle)

Sisko leads a planetary revolt!


From the book jacket
Major Kira and the ambitious Kai Winn have never seen eye to eye, but when Cardassian renegades invade Deep Space 9, determined to capture one of the sacred Orbs of the Prophets, the two women must work together to preserve both the Orb and the safety of everyone aboard the station.
Captain Sisko and the crew of the USS Defiant cannot come to Kira's aid; they are too busy teaching an entire world how to fight back against a vicious invasion - even if it means breaking the Prime Directive!

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Benjamin Sisko
Kira Nerys
Jadzia Dax
Julian Bashir


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