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Author(s): Quark "as told to Ira Steven Behr"
Publisher: Pocket Books
Published: 1 July 1995
Pages: 96
Reference(s): ISBN 0671529366

The Ferengi Rules of Acquisition is a reference book which contains 70 of the Rules of Acquisition, along with short one- or two-page anecdotes about each one. It also contains several black and white still photographs from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.


From the book jacket
The Ferengi are greedy, avaricious, ruthless, cowardly and completely unscrupulous.
For centuries the famous Rules of Acquisition have been the guiding principles of the galaxy's most successful entrepreneurs. These 285 Rules of Acquisition range from,
#1 "Once you have their money, never give it back."
#21 "Never place friendship before profit."
These rules and hundreds more have taken many successful Ferengi to new frontiers of profit.

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