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Author(s): Alan Gratz
Publisher: Simon Spotlight
Series: Starfleet Academy #4
Published: 26 June 2012
Pages: 320
Stardate: Unknown (2255-2258)
Reference(s): ISBN 1442420596 (hardcover)
ISBN 1442420588 (trade paperback)
ISBN 144242060X (eBook)
ASIN B003VPWXP6 (Kindle)

The Assassination Game is a young adult novel by Alan Gratz. The fourth novel in the Starfleet Academy series, it was released in hardcover and trade paperback formats simultaneously.

Summary Edit

Publisher's description
The rules are simple: draw a target. Track him down and "kill" him with a spork. Take your victim's target for your own. Oh, and make sure the player with your name doesn't get to you first. No safe zones. No time outs. The game ends when only one player remains. James T. Kirk is playing for fun. Leonard "Bones" McCoy is playing to get closer to a girl. But when a series of explosions rocks the usually placid Starfleet Academy campus, it becomes clear that somebody is playing the game for real. Is it one of the visiting Varkolak, on Earth to attend an intergalactic medical conference? Or could it be a member of a super-secret society at the Academy dedicated to taking care of threats to the Federation, no matter what rules they have to break to do it? Find out in The Assassination Game.

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Background information Edit

  • The novel is Gratz' first Star Trek-related work.
  • It was originally listed for release in September 2011.

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