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The Andromeda Strain was a movie released on Earth. It involved a group of scientists who try to find a cure for a lethal, quickly mutating virus that came to Earth from outer space. Most of the story takes place in a high-security underground research facility.

In 2154, Trip Tucker and Hoshi Sato were confined to decon, infected with a silicon-based virus. The situation reminded Tucker of the movie The Andromeda Strain.

Unaware of the film's premise, the semi-delirious Sato thought the movie was about a "Doctor Andromeda" who builds a monster that eventually kills him {i.e. Dr. Victor Frankenstein}. Upon learning the movie's premise, she concluded that all of Tucker's movies were very similar, and that she had difficulty trying to keep the stories straight. (ENT: "Observer Effect")

The Andromeda Strain was released in 1971 and was directed by Robert Wise, who later directed Star Trek: The Motion Picture and photographed by Richard H. Kline, who was also director of photography on the first Star Trek film. It was based on a novel by author Michael Crichton. Five Trek veterans – Kermit Murdock, Garry Walberg, Bart LaRue, Michael Pataki and Walker Edmiston – appeared in the movie.

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