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The Albino

The Albino (2370)

The Albino's species were a humanoid species with cranial ridges. (DS9: "Blood Oath")

Based on their appearance, it is possible that The Albino was actually a Klingon, although this is only speculation and given his apparent disdain for Klingons, whom he calls "scum", is unlikely. The script described him as "an all-white humanoid in good physical shape for a man of a hundred"
The Albino appears in Michael A. Martin and Andy Mangels' novel Forged in Fire, which tells the story of his piracy and later his revenge on Kang, Kor and Koloth. The book confirms that he is indeed Klingon - a cousin of Kor, in fact - who was born an albino after his mother attempted to genetically alter him in the womb so he would cure his bloodline of the Augment virus. His mother sends him to be killed as an infant, but he is found by a pair of Orion pirates, who raise him in their trade. The book gives his name as Qagh, which is Klingon for "mistake." This would explain his dislike of Klingons.

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