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This template is to be used on all home video release pages. The format chosen will automatically configure the basic links in the table. All other parameters are optional, and some will not apply at each usage.

The following code can be copied to the bottom of any video article directly.

{{Video nav
|series   = 
|format   = 
|disambig = 
|prev     = 
|prev2    = 
|sprev    = 
|sprev2   = 
|next     = 
|next2    = 
|snext    = 
|snext2   = 

Variables Edit

Star Trek series link. You can either enter it manually or use one of these preset options: (Note: Presets automatically disambiguate with the chosen format.)
  • tos - for Star Trek: The Original Series
  • tas - for Star Trek: The Animated Series
  • tng - for Star Trek: The Next Generation
  • ds9 - for Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
  • voy - for Star Trek: Voyager
  • ent - for Star Trek: Enterprise
  • film - for Star Trek films
Sets all other options to the correct format. Choose from the following:
  • bm - for Betamax tapes
  • vhs - for VHS tapes
  • vhd - for VHD discs
  • ced - for CEDs
  • ld - for LaserDiscs
  • vcd - for VCDs
  • dvd - for DVDs
  • umd - for UMD discs
  • hddvd - for HD DVDs
  • bd - for Blu-ray Discs
  • it - for iTunes releases
For pre-region disambiguation, only the second link of a type will display this
previous release
previous region 2/B release
previous series release
previous region 2/B series release, use only after sprev
next release
next region 2/B release
next series release
next region 2/B series release, use only after snext


{{ Video nav | series = {{Star Trek films}} | format = it }}

Previous release:
First released
Star Trek films
Next release:
Last released

{{ Video nav | series = tas | format = vhs | disambig = UK | prev = '''previous US VHS''' | prev2 = '''previous UK VHS''' | next = '''next VHS''' | snext = '''next US series VHS''' | snext2 = '''next UK series VHS''' }}

Previous release:
previous US VHS
Star Trek: The Animated Series
Next release:
next VHS
Previous UK release:
previous UK VHS
Next series release:
next US series VHS
Next UK series release:
next UK series VHS

{{ Video nav | series = tng | format = dvd | prev = '''previous Region 1 DVD''' | prev2 = '''previous Region 2 DVD''' | sprev = '''previous series DVD''' | next = '''next DVD''' | snext = '''next Region 1 series DVD''' | snext2 = '''next Region 2 series DVD''' }}

Previous Region 1 release:
previous Region 1 DVD
Star Trek: The Next Generation
Next release:
next DVD
Previous Region 2 release:
previous Region 2 DVD
Previous series release:
previous series DVD
Next Region 1 series release:
next Region 1 series DVD
Next Region 2 series release:
next Region 2 series DVD

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