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Template page

The following documentation is transcluded from Template:Sidebar soundtrack/doc:

Usage Edit

For use on all soundtrack pages.

{{Sidebar soundtrack
|image        = Cover image
|imagecap     = Image caption (default: "Cover image") and footer 
|Composer     = Composer(s) name
|AddMusic     = Addition musical contributors
|Orchestrator = Orchestrator(s) names (can be omitted)
|Orchestra    = Orchestra(s) name
|Conductor    = Conductor(s) name
|Label        = Publishing label
|Released     = Date of release
|Length       = Length (if known)
|Reference    = Reference number(s) (if available)

Example Edit

Star Trek II Soundtrack.jpg

CD album cover

CD album cover
Composer(s): James Horner
Additional Music by: Alexander Courage
Orchestrator(s): Jack Hayes
Label: Atlantic Records
GNP Crescendo Records
Released: 5 February 1982
Length: 44:50
{{Sidebar soundtrack
|image        = Star Trek II Soundtrack.jpg
|imagecap     = CD album cover
|Composer     = [[James Horner]]
|AddMusic     = [[Alexander Courage]]
|Orchestrator = Jack Hayes
|Label        = [[Atlantic Records]]<br />[[GNP Crescendo Records]]
|Length       = 44:50
|Released     = {{d|5|February|1982}}

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