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For use on all television series pages. All items are mandatory, except those marked "if available".

{{Sidebar series
|Title    = Series title
|Logo     = Series logo image
|Abbr     = Series abbreviation
|Creator  = Series creator(s)
|Studio   = Producing studio
|Network  = Original airing network
|Dates    = Production dates
|Run      = Original airing dates
|Eps      = Number of episodes
|Timespan = In-universe years
|Ship     = Main ship image
|ShipCap  = Ship image caption
|Cast     = Main cast image
|CastCap  = Main cast image caption
|Cast2    = Alternate cast image (if available)
|Cast2Cap = Alternate cast image caption (if available)
|Cast3    = Third cast image (if available)
|Cast3Cap = Third cast image caption (if available)
|Logo2    = Alternate logo image (if available)
|Logo2Cap = Alternate logo image caption (if available)


Star Trek: The Animated Series

The TAS series logo

Abbr.: TAS
Created by: Gene Roddenberry
Studio: Filmation
Original network: NBC
Production dates: 1973–1974
Original run: 8 September 197312 October 1974
Episodes: 22 (2 seasons)
Timespan: 22692270

The USS Enterprise (NCC-1701)

The USS Enterprise (NCC-1701)

The crew during the five-year mission

The crew during the five-year mission

The logo as it appeared on the DVD

{{Sidebar series
|Title    = Star Trek: The Animated Series
|Logo     = TAS title.jpg
|Abbr     = TAS
|Creator  = [[Gene Roddenberry]]
|Studio   = [[Filmation]]
|Network  = [[NBC]]
|Dates    = 1973–1974
|Run      = {{d|8|September|1973}}–{{d|12|October|1974}}
|Eps      = 22 (2 seasons)
|Timespan = [[2269]]–[[2270]]
|Ship     = USS Enterprise, TAS.jpg
|ShipCap  = The {{USS|Enterprise|NCC-1701| (NCC-1701)}}
|Cast     = Animated crew.jpg
|CastCap  = The crew during the [[five-year mission]]
|Logo2    = TAS DVD title.jpg
|Logo2Cap = The logo as it appeared on the DVD

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