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This template is used for listing performers on image pages in a consistent format, indicating roles from the left side of the image to the right side of the image.

To use the template, the performers are each listed as a separate parameter, beginning with the performer at the left side of the image.

Note: Up to twenty (20) credits can be listed in an image. Any more will produce an error.

Examples Edit

{{pictured|Michael Dorn}}
Pictured is Michael Dorn.

A single credit does not indicate the L-R order.

{{pictured|Michael Dorn|Jonathan Frakes}}
Pictured (L-R) are Michael Dorn and Jonathan Frakes.

Two credits indicates the order and inserts the word "and" between them.

{{pictured|Michael Dorn|Jonathan Frakes|Wil Wheaton}}
Pictured (L-R) are Michael DornJonathan Frakes, and Wil Wheaton.

Multiple credits inserts commas between each.

{{pictured|Michael Dorn|Jonathan Frakes|unknown|Wil Wheaton}}
Pictured (L-R) are Michael DornJonathan Frakes, an unknown performer, and Wil Wheaton.

Using "unknown", "unknown actor", or "unknown actress" will add a link to the unknown performers page.

{{pictured|Michael Dorn|Jonathan Frakes|three unknown actors|Wil Wheaton}}
Pictured (L-R) are Michael DornJonathan Frakes, three unknown actors, and Wil Wheaton.

Up to three unknowns can be linked in one call.

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