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Deleted SceneEdit

Did Kes ever make it to the Bridge? I remember seeing a picture somewhere, a magazine i think, of Kes standing on the Bridge with the two officers in the red and yellow uniform as in the episode. Was this from a deleted scene. i'm sure there are many deleted scenes in every episode but i seems unusual that Janeway would order Kes to the Bridge and then she never shows up. Also, in an unrelated scene, janeway enters the turbolift and finds chakotay there. yet when the lift opens chakotay is no where to be found, despite a pretty wide angle view of the turbolift

Lisa Kennedy Montgomery Edit

I removed the following line:

*According to the IMDb, MTV's Lisa "Kennedy" Montgomery was an extra in this episode.

I've searched the episode and cannot find her or a woman who looks a bit like her. We need another source who can proof she was an extra in this episode. Here is her IMDb linkTom 20:47, 23 July 2008 (UTC)

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