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Is Wallace the "Little blonde lab tech?"Edit

Watched this episode recently to correlate its (loose) connection with Carol Marcus and the un-named "blonde lab tech" that Kirk almost married ("Where No Man Has Gone Before"). Though it's funny that a "lab tech" would become a doctor, well ... the Federation educational system is pretty spiffy, it's possible. Could Janet Wallace been that lab tech? Maybe. Kirk told Gary Mitchell, "I almost married her!" In "The Deadly Years", Kirk and Wallace have a private chat in which they argue about "... Who called it off...." Only Kirk and Wallace know for sure. -- Kojirovance 15:44, 30 October 2006 (UTC)

Is Wallace a member of the crew?Edit

In watching the episode again, I find it unclear whether Wallace is a member of the Enterprise crew. She seems to have newly arrived on board the ship (based on her interactions with Kirk), but Kirk also has no hesitation putting her to work with McCoy, as if they've worked together before. If she is a member of the Enterprise crew, she is never seen wearing a uniform. (We see in "I, Mudd" a new member of the crew (Norman) who has been on board the ship less than 72 hours, yet is already decked out in a lieutenant's uniform.) Is she a civilian? If so, why is she on the ship? Could she, like Commodore Stocker, be heading to Starbase 10? Could she be taking up a position there? When the events of this episode are over, where does she go? The preceding unsigned comment was added by (talk).

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