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T'Plana-Hath type
TPlana hath in crowd.jpg

Vessel of the type, landed

Vessel of the type, landed
Affiliation: Vulcan, Mirror universe
Active: 21st century
Crew complement: at least 3

The T'Plana-Hath type was a type of warp-capable Vulcan starship that was in service during the mid-21st century. (Star Trek: First Contact)

In 2258, ships of this type were seen in the shuttlebay of the Narada. (Star Trek)

Ships commissioned




The name of the Vulcan vessel (or class) in Star Trek: First Contact does not come from the movie itself, but rather backstage sources.

There is a discrepancy as to whether it was a lander from a larger ship or an independent warp vessel; in the novelization, Zefram Cochrane mentioned the "captain" of the T'Plana-Hath had an even larger vessel in orbit. John Eaves, however, intended the ship seen in the film to be a warp-ship. [1]

For information on the Studio model: T'Plana-Hath type model

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