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Trill Symbiosis Commission Logo

The Symbiosis Commission is the Trill organization responsible for nearly all aspects of the joining of a Trill host and symbiont.

The Guardians work for the Commission and care for the symbionts before they are joined in the Caves of Mak'ala. (DS9: "Equilibrium")

The Commission oversees the selection process for potential hosts and symbionts. Host initiates must pass all required tests and have their application approved by the Commission in order to become joined. Even then the Commission remains an authority in the joined Trill's life. They continue to care for the symbionts and give counseling for hosts; this includes requiring that joined Trill perform the Zhian'tara as a means of dealing with the memories of previous hosts. Joined Trill may serve the Commission by acting as field docent to prospective hosts. (DS9: "Facets", "Playing God")

The Commission also controls all information regarding the symbionts. Though nearly half of the population is capable of being joined, they claim that only one Trill in a thousand is capable, thus making the rare symbionts privileges to be earned, as opposed to commodities to be purchased or fought over. This nearly became public knowledge after an attempted joining between the Dax symbiont and Joran Belar, a violent sociopath. After Joran's execution, the Commission used a chemical memory block on the symbiont to suppress the killer's personality, and erased all records of the incident from their archives. (DS9: "Equilibrium")

The Commission may also be responsible for concealing the joined nature of the Trill, which was not a public fact until 2367 when a crisis involving ambassador Odan revealed it.

Curzon Dax was a member of the Symbiosis Commission. Audrid Dax once served as Head of the Commission. Doctor Renhol worked for the Commission. (DS9: "Facets")

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