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Status displays were control panels that could be found throughout the bridge on board the Template:ShipClass starship Enterprise, including each armrest of the command chair. (ENT: "Rogue Planet", "Singularity")

Each status display gave a detailed readout corresponding to the console to which the panels were installed. A weapons status display, for example, gave the current status of the ship's weapons arrays, deflector shields, etc.

The status displays on the armrests of the command chair gave a variety of different readouts, displaying information the captain, or person in command of the vessel would need to know. This information changed depending on the current shipboard situation and the status of critical ship's systems.

The armrest displays also gave the captain access to the ship's intercom system as well as to a voice recorder so that he or she could record log entries directly from the bridge. This made it possible for a command officer to enter a log report even if the ship were under attack or the crew were in the process of dealing with an emergency.

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