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The following is a list of courses and subjects given at Starfleet Academy.

Named coursesEdit

Additionally, the script for "Star Trek" also mentioned navigational comp.

Required readingEdit


Although it is probably safe to assume all cadets read the Prime Directive and General Orders, it has not been established whether the same is true of the other texts, or whether they are required merely for students in specific courses. This may explain why Benjamin Sisko was familiar with "The Fall of Kang," while Piersall was not in "Second Sight".

Further assignmentsEdit

Extension coursesEdit

Unnamed coursesEdit

Space walkingEdit

A six week course in the third year involving space walks. (VOY: "Day of Honor")


A course on the Latin language is taught at Starfleet Academy. (TNG: "The Game")

Members of Red Squad, a program for elite cadets, received special classes, which may or may not be included in the above listings.

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