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Publication: Star Trek Monthly
Issue: 58
Publisher: Titan Magazines
Editor(s): Darryl Curtis
Release date: 1 October 1999
Cover date: Late October 1999
Pages: 64

Issue 58 of Star Trek Monthly was the late October 1999 issue.


First Contact
This section is separate from the Contents for this issue only.
The Best of All Worlds
Interview - Brannon Braga - "All Sixes and Sevens"
by Lou Anders.
Interview - Brent Spiner - "Data Input"
by Ian Spelling.
Interview - Donna Murphy - "Prima Donna"
by Ian Spelling, noting a peculiar coincidence where Murphy came to view Spelling's for-sale apartment...
Pitchforks and Pointed Ears
Stoddard Hayes looks at superstition in the 24th century.
Voyager season six cast promo image.
Interview - John Rhys-Davies - "Renaissance Man"
by David Bassom.
Timeless Techniques
Lou Anders speaks to the team at Foundation Imaging.
Book extract
Adventures in Time and Space.
From the Replicator
UK Update: Inkjet prints, chess sets, Playmates Toys.
Australasia Update: Products in development.
US Update: Franklin Mint, Decipher's Blaze of Glory
Read Out: Strange New Worlds II, Ship of the Line, What You Leave Behind, Get a Life!
On Screen: Deep Space Nine volume 7.11, Voyager volume 5.11.
Next Issue
Issue 57 Star Trek Monthly
Issue 58 - Late October 1999
Issue 59

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