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Author(s): Alan Dean Foster
Publisher: Ballantine Books
Series: Star Trek Logs #1
Published: June 1974
Pages: 184
Stardate: 5321-5380 (2269)
Reference(s): ISBN 0345240146 (original)
ISBN 9991017356 (reprint)
You might also be looking for the LaserDisc set: Star Trek - Log 1

Novelizations of three Star Trek: The Animated Series episodes.


Beyond the Farthest StarEdit

A 69-page adaptation of "Beyond the Farthest Star".


A 64-page adaptation of "Yesteryear".

One of Our Planets Is MissingEdit

A 46-page adaptation of "One of Our Planets Is Missing".

This was the first time the interior of the two warp drive nacelles was referenced on Star Trek.
  • Kirk makes a log entry on stardate 5372.1. The opening page of the book states the log ends on 5380.

Background InformationEdit

  • This was the first animated Trek adaptation novel published by Ballantine Books.
  • Arex, during the Mantilles crisis, compares the size of the cloud to "twice the diameter of Sol's three biggest gas giants combined." He was chided by Kirk for using such basic astronomical terms.
  • Oddly, Arex used the term "quien sabe" in the "One of Our Planets is Missing" section.


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