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Star Trek Emissary Gift Set
Front cover
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Developer: Imergy, Viacom New Media, Stormfront Studios
Released: 20 October 1995 (US)
1996 (UK/Germany)
Stardate: Various (Various)
Platform(s): MS-DOS Windows MacOS
Rating(s): BBFC PG USK 12
Genre(s): Compilation
Reference #: ISBN 0671568124
ASIN B00066DDF2 (US)
ASIN B00403541S (UK)
ASIN 0671575422 (Germany)
ASIN B00004TOB2 (Germany)

The Star Trek Emissary Gift Set was a multimedia collection published by Simon & Schuster. Released in both the US and later the UK and Germany (the German release being under the name Star Trek Warrior Set) it came with the interactive CD-ROM Star Trek: The Next Generation Interactive Technical Manual, the video game Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - Harbinger Holosuite Missions, the audio CD Conversational Klingon and the respective country's VHS release of the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine pilot episode "Emissary".

Star Trek Emissary Gift Set German cover
Cover of the German version of the set
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