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Writer(s): David Tischman
Artist(s): Casey Maloney
Publisher: IDW Comics
Editor(s): Dan Taylor
Series: IDW TNG
Published: 7 September 2007
Pages: 144
Stardate: 41590.8-47993.3 (2364-2370)

Star Trek: The Next Generation - The Space Between is the omnibus collection of the IDW Publishing miniseries of the same name.


From the back cover
Celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Star Trek: The Next Generation with this all-new relaunch of the Star Trek franchise in comics. In the first collection of this special mini-series, travel to Tigan-7, Kandom 9, uncharted space, and more - each leading the dedicated crew of the Starship Enterprise into unexpected adventures. If you enjoyed watching Star Trek: The Next Generation on television, get ready for the comics adventure you've been waiting for.

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  1. "History Lesson"
  2. "Captain's Pleasure"
  3. "Strategy"
  4. "Light of the Day"
  5. "Space Seeds"
  6. "An Inconvenient Truth"

Background information

  • The publication date for this omnibus has been listed as both 7 September 2007 and 12 September 2007.

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