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Cover of book 1, Cloak and Dagger

Publisher: Pocket Books
Published: October 2000
Novels: 74+ (eBooks)
11+ (Omnibuses)
Timespan: 2370s

Star Trek: Starfleet Corps of Engineers (or Star Trek: SCE) is a novel series which follows a rapid-response team of the Starfleet Corps of Engineers. First released as eBooks by Pocket Books, the books are also collected in paperback. It was conceived and created by Keith R.A. DeCandido and John J. Ordover.

In September 2006, DeCandido announced that, as of #67, the series would be renamed Star Trek: Corps of Engineers and the numbering reset, in an attempt to bring new readers to the line. In addition, the reprints in hardcopy – starting with Aftermath – would be in trade paperback format, allowing six to eight eBooks to be included per volume. The number of eBooks published per year would be reduced from twelve to six, to allow other ranges to be developed.

It was announced in March 2008 that original eBook publications from Pocket Books would go on hiatus following the end of Slings and Arrows - trade paperback reprints of the existing eBooks would continue.


As with the US military of the 20th century, there has always been a Corps of Engineers – a group who builds bridges, fixes machines, and solves engineering problems. In Star Trek, this group solves engineering problems in space that are too complicated, or take too much time, for a larger starship crew to handle. When the USS Enterprise-E disables a deserted alien battlestation, for example, it is the SCE that comes to investigate it.

This series centers on the crew of the USS da Vinci, a Template:ShipClass ship that serves as the transportation of an SCE team. The SCE reports to Captain Montgomery Scott (of the original Star Trek), who serves as their liaison with Starfleet Command and also pitches in when his vast store of knowledge can be of help.



USS da Vinci

The USS da Vinci (NCC-81623) is a Template:ShipClass starship.


Omnibus print editions

  1. Have Tech, Will Travel
  2. Miracle Workers
  3. Some Assembly Required
  4. No Surrender
  5. Foundations
  6. Wildfire
  7. Breakdowns
  8. Aftermath (published under Corps of Engineers banner)
  9. Grand Designs
  10. Creative Couplings
  11. Wounds
  12. Out of the Cocoon
  13. What's Past

Corps of Engineers

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