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Writer(s): John Byrne
Artist(s): John Byrne
Publisher: IDW Publishing
Published: 17 February 2010
Pages: 164
Stardate: Unknown (Unknown)
Reference(s): ISBN 1600103693

A trade paperback collection comprising John Byrne's various comic series for IDW Publishing following the Romulan Star Empire.

In addition to collecting the Romulan arc, it features a twelve-page adaptation of the episode "Balance of Terror", told from the Romulan perspective, as the episode forms the basis around which the arc was created.


Solicitation blurb
Collecting legendary creator John Byrne's tales of Star Trek's Romulans, this six-issue volume includes his Alien Spotlight, the two-part Hollow Crown story, and the concluding, three-part Schism series. Mystery, intrigue, and war abound in this compelling tale!



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