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Author(s): Osamu Kishikawa
Publisher: Bunkasha (softcover in dustjacket)
Published: April 1998
November 2004 (2nd edition)
Pages: 224
Reference(s): ISBN 4821105705

Star Trek Official Guide 3 - Official Database was the third in the Official Guides-series. Numbers one and two were illustrated guides to TNG and DS9/VOY respectively while number 4 was a specialty volume about studio models. This third volume, unlike the previous two, did not contain edited excerpts from Pocket Books' companions series, but was an original Japanese-language piece of writing, by author Osamu Kishikawa, about the history of the Star Trek franchise. It covered the Star Trek: The Original Series, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and the first seven Star Trek films and their production. Star Trek: Voyager, not yet in production at the time was only referenced to. Unlike its companions in the series, the sofcover in a dust jacket book, was low on color content and most pictures in the book were reproduced in black and white.

A not updated second edition was released in 2004 with new cover art, and with the reference to being a part of the Official Guide series dropped.


  • Introduction
  • Visual File
    • Chapter 1: The Universe & History
    • Chapter 2: Characters File
    • Chapter 3: Mechanics File
    • Chapter 4: Making of Star Trek
    • Chapter 5: Staff Profiles
    • Chapter 6: Filmography & Dictionary
  • Afterwords
  • Star Trek: Colomn
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