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Real World article
(written from a Production point of view)
Emancipation, Part I.jpg

Issue #4 cover

Publisher: Malibu Comics
Published: August 1993 to December 1995
Issues: 32
Timespan: 2369 - 2372

First ever Deep Space Nine comic series.


Star Trek: Deep Space Nine was a comic book series from Malibu Comics, the first original Star Trek: Deep Space Nine monthly series, spanning from August 1993 to December 1995.

It depicted the events of missions taking place during the first four seasons of DS9. Several canon characters and concepts were included in the stories, but the details were possibly contradictory with televised Star Trek of the era, as the creators of this non-canon work were mostly unaffiliated with the actual DS9 creators.



  1. "Stowaway"
  2. "Stowaway, Part II"
  3. "Old Wounds"
  4. "Emancipation, Part I"
  5. "Emancipation, Part II"
  6. "Field Trip"
  7. "Working Vacation"
  8. "Requiem"
  9. "Requiem II"
  10. "Descendants"
  11. "A Short Fuse"
  12. "Baby on Board"
  13. "Lapse"
  14. "Dax's Comet, Part 1"
  15. "Dax's Comet, Part II"
  16. "Shanghaied"
  17. "Images"
  18. "Hearts of Old"
  19. "Mission of Mercy"
  20. "Last Remains"
  21. "Fadeout!"
  22. "Deep Space Mine!"
  23. The Secret of the Lost Orb: "The Search"
  24. The Secret of the Lost Orb: "Acceptable Losses"
  25. The Secret of the Lost Orb: "Gods of War"
  26. "Genesis Denied, Part I"
  27. "Genesis Denied, Part II"
  28. "Friend and Foe Alike"
  29. "Sole Asylum, Part One"
  30. "Sole Asylum, Part Two"
  31. "Remembrance"
  32. "Turn of the Tide"

Other Issues



Canon characters listed below are linked to the main article about them. Non-canon characters are not linked, but those that recurred, appearing or being mentioned in more than one story, are defined further in Malibu DS9 characters.


Benjamin Sisko
Kira Nerys
Jadzia Dax
Julian Bashir
Miles O'Brien
Jake Sisko




Captain of the USS Armstrong. ("Stowaway", "Stowaway, Part II")
Josiah Wembley 
Renowned Federation xenobiologist assigned to the USS Armstrong. Died of stroke upon arrival in the Gamma Quadrant. ("Stowaway", "Stowaway, Part II")


USS Armstrong (NCC-19212)
Template:ShipClass ship, recently back from exploration in the Gamma Quadrant in mid-2369. ("Stowaway", "Stowaway, Part II")

Other publishers

Boxtree was responsible for publishing these stories in the UK, including in compilations of four. These included Requiem, which was comprised of Requiem, Requiem II, Descendants, and A Short Fuse. The four story special Hearts and Minds was released as one issue.

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