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Publication: Star Trek: Communicator
Issue: 132
Publisher: Star Trek: The Official Fan Club, Inc.
Editor(s): Jon Bradley Snyder
Cover date: June/July 2001
Pages: 74

Issue 132 of Star Trek: Communicator was the June/July 2001 issue of the regular run.


Star Trek Update

  • Dan Madsen, "Star Trek series V & Chapter X", pp. 12-13

Sensor Readings

  • J. Kelley Burke, "Sensor Readings", pp. 14-16

On the Viewscreen

  • '"Countdown Continues", p. 17


Rec Deck

  • "Dealt a Quandrant, Lost a Ship: Decipher introduces a CCG newcomer' set"

Data Access

Building Teknology

  • Terry Ray Hiller, "Delta Trek; An odyssey's inventory", pp. 60-61
  • Terry Ray Hiller, "Assimilation may be futile, but only for the Borg", pp.64-66

Great Material Continuum

  • "Beginnings, endings & get 'em while you can", pp. 68

Issue 131 Star Trek: Communicator
Issue 132 - February/March 1999
Issue 133

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