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"Big" Ed Cooper to 2283
2284 to Acapulco
Accelerated critical neural pathway formation to Alpha Centauri colony
Alpha Centauri outpost to Anti-time future
Anti-time past to Atm
Atmosphere to Barbarian
Barbecue to Bevin Kaye
Bevin Kaye Franco to Borg unicomplex
Borgia to Buzz Setzer
By Any Other Name to Carlos Cestero
Carlos Ferro to Chevrolet C/K
Chevrolet C 30 Step Van to Cliff Fleming
Cliff McLaughlin to Cortical suppressant
Cortin Zweller to Dakala
Dakar to Death Ship!
Death Takes a Holiday to Diana R. Lupo
Diane to Drydock
Dryworm to Eli
Eli Behar to Eta
Eta Carinae Nebula to Ferengi Trade By-Laws
Ferengi Trade Mission to Franklin Thatcher
Franklyn Seales to Gene L. Coon (author)
Gene LeBell to Gravimetric field displacement manifold
Gravimetric fluctuation to Hars Adislo
Harstedt's Planet to Hoshi's Father
Hoshi Sato to In a Mirror, Darkly
In a Mirror, Darkly, Part I to Jack Perkins
Jack R. Orend to Jena Huynh
Jenette Goldstein to John Wayne
John Wheeler to Kalandan outpost
Kalandan supply ship to Khan, issue 5
Khan: Ruling in Hell to Kurlan
Kurlan naiskos to Let He Who Is Without Sin...
Let He Who Is Without Sin... (episode) to Lunar schooner
Lunar survival training to March 1974
March 1975 to Maurice Palinski
Maurice Picard to Michael McAdam
Michael McConnohie to Monean
Monean Maritime Sovereignty to Nasal bone
Nasal numbing agent to Non-humanoid
Non-humanoid species to Opti-cable
Optic nerve to Pat Blymyer (Starfleet)
Pat Brosseau to Phobos
Phobos Inn to Preservers
Preservers obelisk to R. Torre
R. Wilcox to Renegades
Renewal to Robert Della Santina
Robert Dierx to Ryan MacDonald
Ryan McDonald to Scott McElroy
Scott McGinnis to Shaun Duke
Shaun Geoffrey Christopher to Son'a
Son'a Ambush to Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - Second Season Vol. 2
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - Series Premiere to Star Trek: The Original Series - Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? Spe...
Star Trek: The Original Series 30th Anniversary Crew to Star Trek Roleplaying Game Narrator's Screen
Star Trek Roleplaying Game Player's Guide to Steve Bulen
Steve Burg to Susan Maust
Susan Nicoletti to Tanas
Tanatuva to Thaddeus Golas
Thaddeus Quint to The Pegasus (episode)
The Perfect Dream to Thymic sclerosis
Thymine to Tranquilizer
Trans-dimensional realm to Tzi Ma
U'Lanai to Udar
Ufandi III to V. Canamar
V. Chakarian to Voth Ministry of Elders
Voth city ship to Whoever Fights Monsters
Wholesale to Zabu stew
Zach Duhame to К. Э. Циолковский

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