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"Big" Ed Cooper to 22 July
22 June to Acting captain's log
Acting captain's log, USS Enterprise to Altair water
Altairian Conference to Antonio
Antonio (actor) to August 1995
August 1996 to Bashir's raider
Bashir 62 to Billy Tan Mung Khoy
Billy Van Zandt to Brandon Stacy
Brandon Tartikoff to Caitian
Caitians to Catwalk
Causality loop to Chrissy Weathersby Ball
Christ to Columba
Columbia to Crossover bridge
Crossroad to Dauntless class
Dauntless class model to Delta Theta III
Delta Theta III aborigine to Dominion battle cruiser
Dominion battleship to Echo 1
Echo 2 to Enterprise-D shuttlecraft 02
Enterprise-D shuttlecraft 04 to Farrell
Farrell (disambiguation) to Foley
Folic acid to Gamma Trianguli VI natives
Gamma Trianguli VI pod plant to Godo Mountain Range
Godo mountain range to Halanan
Halb to Holmium
Holna IV to Identification card
Identity Crisis to J.R. Horsting
J.R. Jennings to Jefe
Jeff to John M. Samson
John M. Teska to K. O'Neil
K. Slechta to Kevin Cunningham
Kevin D. Carlson to Ktarian death ritual
Ktarian egg to Leslie McCarthy-Frankenheimer
Leslie McCaskey to Lung cancer
Lungworm to March 2001
March 2002 to Maximilian Forrest
Maximillian Kesmodel to Michael Snyder
Michael Sorich to Moons of Saturn
Moore to Neanderthal
Near-warp transport to November 1967
November 1968 to Orion Arm
Orion Free Traders to Paul Robert Coyle
Paul Robert Langdon to Placenta
Places of Exile to Protein nibs
Protein resequencer to Randy D. Thornton
Randy Elliott to Rich Thorne
Rich Thorne (Doctor) to Rolland M. Brooks
Roller coaster to Sammy Davis, Jr.
Sammy Micco to Seismic fissure
Seismic regulator to Silver medal
Silvia Abascal to Spirit Folk (episode)
Spirit Walk to Star Trek: The Motion Picture/Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (DVD)
Star Trek: The Motion Picture (2010 DVD) to Star Trek II Short Stories
Star Trek IV to Starfleet enlisted personnel
Starfleet ensigns to Subspace field coil
Subspace field emitter to Tachyokinetic radiation
Tachyon to Teneebian
Teneebian amethyst to The Killing Game
The Killing Game, Part I to Third-degree burn
Third Academy Training Wing to Torman V
Tormium to Twenty-Fourth UK Story Arc
Twenty-Ninth UK Story Arc to USS Stargazer dedication plaque
USS Stargazer personnel to Unnamed humanoids (24th century)
Unnamed humanoids (28th century) to Voice analysis
Voice authorization code to When the Bough Breaks
Where Has All the Glory Gone? to Yukon River
Yumi Mizui to К. Э. Циолковский

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