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"Big" Ed Cooper to 2284
2285 to Acceleration thruster
Accelerometer relay to Alpha Centauri system
Alpha Cooper to Anti-time present
Antibiotic to Atmosphere conditioning pump
Atmosphere processor to Barber
Barber shop to Beyond Uhura
Beyond the Clouds: The Lifetime Trek of Walter "Matt" Jef... to Borhya
Borias Cluster to By a Sleep to Say We End
By the Book to Carlos Milano
Carlos Mota to Chew stick
Chewing gum to Clifford Shegog
Clifford T. Fleming to Corvallen freighter captain
Corvallens to Dalaphaline
Dale Chaloukian to Death of a Neutron Star
Death of a Star to Diane Lee
Diane M. Hurley to Dublin James
Ducane to Elim Garak (mirror)
Eliminator to Ethan Phillips
Ethane to Ferengi mating dance
Ferengi phaser to Freak
Fred B. Phillips to Gene Roddenberry Up Close And Personal
Gene S. Cantamessa to Gravimetric wave
Gravimetrics to Harvey P. Lynn
Harvey Vernon to Hot chocolate
Hot cocoa to Inad
Inaprovaline to Jackie
Jackie Edwards to Jennifer Berlant
Jennifer Booker to Johnny Cann
Johnny Dawkins to Kalita
Kalla-Nohra to Khosla II
Ki'tang to Kurtwood Smith
Kurzon to Level 2 diagnostic
Level 2 self diagnostic to Luta
Lutan to March 1996
March 1997 to Mavig
Mavig's harp to Michael Mukatis
Michael Munoz to Monique DeSart
Monique De Sart to Natalie Wood
Natalija Nogulich to Noonian Soong
Noonien Soong to Optronic data stream
Optronic emitter to Patent
Paterson Supra to Photo double
Photo lock-on to Preston Neal Jones
Pretzel to RMS Titanic
RNA to Reorientation center
Repair crew to Robert Gentile
Robert Giedt to Röntgen
S-2 graf unit to Scott Shutski
Scott Somers to Shawn McConnell
Shawn McKay to Song of the Sages
Songi to Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Calendar (2001)
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Calendar (2002) to Star Trek: The Starfleet Survival Guide
Star Trek: The Tour to Star Trek Stardate Calendar (2002)
Star Trek Stardate Calendar (2003) to Steve Gausche
Steve Gausche, Jr. to Susanna Thompson
Susanne Lambdin to Tanner Gill
Tansy Alexander to Thanksgiving
Thann to The Price (episode)
The Price of Admission! to Tierre Turner
Ties of Blood and Water to Transkinetic energy regulator
Transkinetic vector to USAopoly
USGS Powell to Ultraviolet light
Ultraviolet radiation to VOY Season 2 DVD
VOY Season 2 UK VHS to Vulcan's Anvil
Vulcan's Forge to WildStorm DS9
WildStorm DS9 characters to Zalkonian escape pod
Zalkonian warship to К. Э. Циолковский

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