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"Big" Ed Cooper to 2289
2290 to Accession
Accession (episode) to Alpha Leonis System
Alpha Leonis system to Antigraviton emitter
Antigraviton pulse to Atomic weapon
Atonement to Baristatic filter
Barium to Big Bang
Big Daddy-O Surf Special to Boston Society of Film Critics Award
Bosun's whistle to C. Marie Davis
C. Petrus to Carol Sally Rainer
Carol Wallace to Chief engineering officer
Chief executive officer to Club Ingenue
Club Martus to Countdown to Darkness, Issue 3
Countdown to Darkness, Issue 4 to Dan Madsen
Dan Mason to December 1973
December 1974 to Dieter Hornemann
Dietrich Bader to Duritanium
Duritanium polyalloy to Emanations
Emanations (episode) to Everett Lee
Everglades to Field study
Field triage to Fritz Sperberg
Fritz Weaver to Geoff Trowbridge
Geoffrey Binney to Greek myth
Greek mythology to Heartburn
Hearts and Minds to Human being
Human form to Insanity
Inscription pen to James Daris
James Darren to Jessica Hendra
Jessica Kanan to Jordan Orr
Jordan Weisman to Karl Held
Karl Hiesterman to Kira (mirror)
Kira Meru to Lactose
Lactra VII to Ligos system
Liko to M. Taylor
M. Tucker to Marion Mathews
Mariposa to McWatt
Me, Android to Microcortical implant
Microdyne coupler to Mortar and pestle
Mortay to Nel Apgar
Nel Bato Conference to Nuclear fission reactor
Nuclear fusion to Orson Welles
Orson Welles (Narrator) to Paul Winfield
Paula Block to Planet Q
Planet Ten to Protein complex
Protein concentrate to Ramsey (Odin)
Ramsey Avery to Rhomboid Dronegar sector 006
Rhombolian butter to Roger Aaron Brown
Roger B. Chaffee to Salem
Salem witch trial to Sector 30
Sector 31 to Shuttlecraft SC-4
Shuttlecraft Surak to Spatial scission
Spatial sinkhole to Star Trek: Stardate Collection (DVD)
Star Trek: Starfleet Academy to Star Trek Action Pack
Star Trek Action Toy Book to Starbase 73
Starbase 74 to Straw
Straw (grain) to T'san s'at
T'shanik to Ted Gehring
Ted Hayden to The Dauphin
The Dauphin (episode) to The Trekkie Quiz Book
The Trellisane Confrontation to Todd Studios Burbank
Todd Vaziri to Trianic energy being
Trianium particle to USS Enterprise sciences crew woman 7
USS Enterprise sciences crew woman 8 to Unnamed Devidians
Unnamed Devore to Velos (disambiguation)
Velos VII to War Stories, Book 1
War Stories, Book 2 to World War 3
World War I to К. Э. Циолковский

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