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"Big" Ed Cooper to 22 July
22 June to Acting captain's log
Acting captain's log, USS Enterprise to Altair water
Altairian Conference to Antonio (actor)
Antonio Elias to August 2000
August 2001 to Basics, Part I
Basics, Part II to Binary language
Binary star system to Brannon Braga (Commander)
Brannon Braga (Lieutenant Commander) to Cal
Cal-Neva to Cave-wasp
Cave dweller to Christian Ducheau
Christian Fletcher to Columbia NX-02
Columbia dedication plaque to Crowbar
Crown to Dave Cadente
Dave Cadiente to Delta shift
Delta sleep to Don Christensen
Don Davis to Eco-terrorism
Ecology to Enterprise (disambiguation)
Enterprise (frigate) to Father
Father Mulligan to Food sequencer
Food slot to Gamzian wine
Ganalda IV to Gold Key
Gold Key Comics to Halkan
Halkan (planet) to Holo-programs
Holo-projection to If Wishes Were Horses (episode)
If we play our cards right to J. Bruce Engineering Scholarship
J. Byard to Jeff Chase
Jeff Clark to John Nesterowicz (Captain)
John Nesterowicz (Ensign) to Kabrel system
Kabul to Kevin Peter Hall
Kevin Porter to Kultarey
Kumamoto to Lethe
Lethean to Lwaxana Troi and the Wedding of Doom
Lya III to Marcus
Marcus (disambiguation) to May 1986
May 1987 to Michael Zurich
Michaelangelo to Mordoc
Mordock to Neelix
Neelix (cat) to November 2006
November 2007 to Orphans
Orpheum to Paulo Caillile
Paulson Nebula to Planetary survey report
Planetary treasury to Proxima
Proxima Centauri to Rape gang
Raphael Sbarge to Richard Doyle
Richard E. Butler to Romulan Intelligence Academy
Romulan Ministry of Science to Sanction (starship)
Sanctuary to Selnia Prime
Selok to Single-celled organism
Single malt to Spore of the Devil
Spork to Star Trek: The Next Generation (VHS)
Star Trek: The Next Generation (WildStorm) to Star Trek Logs Seven and Eight
Star Trek Logs Three and Four to Starlog
Starlog (magazine) to Subspace tensor matrix
Subspace torque to Taguan
Tagus III to Terita Jackson
Terix to The Making of Star Trek: First Contact
The Making of Star Trek: First Contact (documentary) to Thomas Edison
Thomas Elder-Groebe to Tow ship
Tow truck to Type-4 quantum singularity
Type-5 phaser to USS Voyager prototype
USS Voyeur to Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards
Utopia Planitia Gardens to Vosk's compound
Vosk's facility to Wil
Wil Raymond to Zanxthkolt Dynasty
Zanza Men's Dance Palace to К. Э. Циолковский

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