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"Big" Ed Cooper to 2287
2288 to Access port
Access terminal to Alpha Fernandes III
Alpha Glover to Antidean transport
Antideuterium to Atom bomb
Atomic to Bardeezan merchant ship
Bardoli to Bible movie
Bicaridine to Bosaal
Bosaal's species to C-111 system
C-12 to Carnelian minefield
Carnival to Chicken soup
Chicken tetrazzini to Cloaking device
Cloaking field to Cost of Living (episode)
Costa to Dampening field
Damping field to Deborah Sale Butler
Deborah Schaeffer to Dick Dial
Dick Durock to Dunes Hotel
Dunes of Talmouth to Ellen Bry
Ellen Finn to Europe
European to Feynman (shuttlepod)
Feynman Chair to Freighter
Freighter blight to Genetic virus
Genetically-engineered to Greasy Neelix
Great-grandfather to Haystack
Hazar to Howard Culver
Howard Deane to Infinite Regress (episode)
Infinite Space to Jake Tapper
Jakin to Jerry Ayres
Jerry Bingham to Jonathan Archer (mirror)
Jonathan Babcock to Kara (Eymorg)
Kara Nichols to Kim Robert Koscki
Kim Ryusaki to L. Christenberry
L. Clark to Life
Life-energy transfer to M-1
M-113 to Maria Leone
Maria Mann to May 2012
May 2013 to Michel Horvat
Michelan Sisti to Morag
Morak to Near-warp transport
Nebraska to Nova class
Nova class decks to Organian Council of Elders
Organian Peace Treaty to Paul Baxley
Paul Bogrow to Pig iron
Pigeon to Prod
Prodigal Daughter to Rahm-Izad system
Rahmin to Retellian freighter
Reticular formation to Robert Wise Productions
Robert Wolfe to STO
SWAT to Second Khitomer Accords
Second Klingon-Federation War to Ship's log, USS Enterprise (NCC-1701)
Ship's log, USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-D) to Space Hero
Space Mongoose to Star Trek: Khan - Ruling in Hell (omnibus)
Star Trek: Klingon to Star Trek - Greatest Battles
Star Trek - L'intégrale Cinéma to Star dancer
Star date to Stillwell (Captain)
Stillwell (location) to Synaptic potentials
Synaptic processor to Task force
Tasmania to The Bonding (episode)
The Book of Tsunkatse to The Star Trek Book of Opposites
The Star Trek Calendar (1976) to Timor II
Timor Landi to Treaty of Ka'Tann
Treaty of Organia to USS Entente
USS Enterprise to Universal translator
Universe to Vanguard
Vanguard - Declassified to W'mar
W.C. Carani to Wilson (actor)
Wilson (mirror) to К. Э. Циолковский

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