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"Big" Ed Cooper to 2243
2244 to Aaron Haedt
Aaron Leach to Alien Spotlight: Andorians
Alien Spotlight: Borg to Anka
Ankaran flu to Arridor
Arrithean to Bahni Turpin
Bahrat to Benbasset
Bendali to Blessed Exchequer
Blight to Brian Everett Chandler
Brian Faul to Callinon system
Callisto to Cause and Effect
Cause and Effect (episode) to Chris Black
Chris Blackwood to Code of the Ushaan
Code one alpha zero to Court
Court Martial to Dampening field
Damping field to Death (comic)
Death Before Dishonor to Devore Imperium
Devore language to Dramians
Drapanas to Ekor
Ekoria to Epsilon Silar system
Epsilon West IV to February 1998
February 1999 to Folnar jewel plant
Folsom point to Galyn Gorg
Galyn Görg to Gilgamesh
Gilgo Beach to Grub meal
Grubeco to Henry Gibson
Henry Hayashi to Hydrocortiline
Hydrodynamic shock wave to Intendant
Inter-dimensional travel to James D. Weston II
James Daly to Jerry Bingham
Jerry Bono to Jokes
Jokri River to Kakan ni Shinkou
Kal'Hyah to Kevin Haney
Kevin Hosey to Kriosian transport
Kriosians to Lehman's Planet
Lei to Loren Janes
Loren L. Coleman to Makara fizz
Makara herb to Marty Davis
Marty Hornstein to Memories of the Future, Volume 1
Memory to Miles O'Brien (replicant)
Milika III to Mugatu
Muk to Neskoromnium
Neskoromny II to Nucleogenic lifeform
Nucleogenic particle to Orion animal woman
Orion blockade runner to Paul Abascal
Paul Ambrose to Phylos
Phylosian to Prey (episode)
Pri'Nam to R. Michael
R. Moore to Relics (episode)
Relics (novel) to Riva's chorus
Rivals to Roy Fussell
Roy Jenson to Satellite Award
Satellites to September 1993
September 1994 to Sisko
Sisko's to Spith basil
Spitting cobra to Star Trek: The Last Generation (omnibus)
Star Trek: The Lost Era to Star Trek Comic Strip (US)
Star Trek Comics Classics to Starbase 414
Starbase 416 to Stonn
Stooge to Symphony No. 4
Symphony Number Four to Targeting sensor
Targeting sensors to The Alamo
The Albino to The Pet
The Phase to Thought record
Thousands of years ago to Toxicology
Toxin to Twin star
Twin star system to USS Raven
USS Raven dedication plaque to Unnamed Srivani
Unnamed Starfleet Academy personnel to Victoria Dillard
Victoria George to Warp speed
Warp speed limitations to Wrongs Darker Than Death or Night (episode)
Wu to К. Э. Циолковский

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