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"Big" Ed Cooper to 2313
2314 to Adam Howard
Adam Hughes to Alvin Dark
Alvinian melon to Apollo class
Apollo missions to Auto-regenerative shielding
Auto-relock tumbler to Battle of Okardo
Battle of Orelious IX to Bioplasmic lifeform
Bioplasmic organism to Brian Andrew-Tunstall
Brian Avery to Cancún
Candace Crump to Ceti Alpha system
Ceti eel to Chuck Borden
Chuck Clow to Concentration camp
Concerning Flight to Cytolytic injection
Cytoplasm to David Moordigian
David Moore to Deputy Führer
Deputy Investigator to Douglas Engalla
Douglas F. Dean to El-Adrel IV lifeform
El-Adrel system to Erik Holland
Erik Nash to Feline supplement
Feline supplement 127 to Frank Orsatti
Frank Overton to Gene Roddenberry (UESPA)
Gene Roddenberry (comedian) to Gravity (episode)
Gravity boot to Hazari vessel
Hazel Catmull to Hula Blues
Hull to Inside Star Trek - The Real Story (LaserDisc)
Inside Star Trek - The Real Story (VHS) to James Lee
James Lee McCoy to Jim Hardy (comedian)
Jim Hart to Joshua Croughwell
Joshua Cushner to Katie Soo
Katie Taylor to Klingon calisthenics program holograms
Klingon capsule to Larsen
Larson to Little Rock
Little Simon to Magnesium
Magnet to Martin Pasko
Martin Pistone to Mercury-Redstone
Mercury-Redstone Launch Vehicle to Minute
Mir to NCC-1701/R6
NCC-1701\5A to Nicole Randall
Nicole Sarah Fellows to Omega particle
Omega radiation to Parisses squares
Parity trace scan to Phasing cloak
Phasing cloaking device to Pralor starship
Pran to R. Moore Grocery
R. Morey to Renna
Reno to Robert Herron
Robert Hewitt Wolfe to SETI greeting
SET Award to Sean Martinez
Sean McGowan to Shilling
Shimon Wincelberg to Space matrix restoration coil
Space psychology to Star Trek: New Visions
Star Trek: New Visions, Volume 1 to Star Trek - The Original Crew Movie Collection (2002)
Star Trek - The Original Crew Movie Collection (Special Edition) to Starbase Allen
Starbase Command to Struggle for the Throne
Strychnine to TNG Companion
TNG Complete Series Boxset to Telsius
Telsius Prime to The Game
The Game (episode) to Thermal guidance sensor
Thermal heater to Tony Meininger
Tony Meininger (Starfleet) to Tureena
Turei to USS Saber
USS Saladin to Unnamed aliens
Unnamed asteroid belts to Vogue
Voice-transit conductor to Whisk
Whiskey to Zabu
Zabu stew to К. Э. Циолковский

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