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"Big" Ed Cooper to 2280s
2281 to Access conduit
Access port to Alpha Majoris I
Alpha McCusker to Antimatter
Antimatter (novel) to Attack cruiser
Attack fighter to Barnaby
Barnard to Bilby family
Bile to Bothans
Boton to CBS Paramount Television
CBS Studios to Carolyn L. Raymond
Carolyn McCormick to Chief of Staff
Chief of Starfleet Intelligence to Coalescent organism
Coalition to Coupler prediction scanner
Courier to Dana Kramer-Rolls
Dana Kurtin to December 1999
December 2000 to Dilithium sequencer
Dilitus lobe to Dylan Chalfy
Dylan Haggerty to Emergency access conduit
Emergency beacon to Exile (disambiguation)
Exile (episode) to Final Frontier (magazine)
Final Frontier (novel) to Fuller (male)
Fullerene to George Cox III
George Cvjetnicanin to Greg K. Poehlein
Greg Karas to Heidi Kramer
Heidi Krämer to Hunters
Hunters' starship to Interdimensional rift
Interface to James Menges
James Minor to Jim Hardy (comedian)
Jim Hart to Joseph White
Joseph Will to Katherine Kurtz
Katherine Moffat to Kleg
Klendeth to Lance LeGault
Lance Parkin to Lindsey Stoddart
Lindstrom to MA:T
MA:TALK to Mark Kalbfeld
Mark Karen to Medical technician
Medical technology to Mike DeMeritt
Mike Deodato to Mr. Android
Mr. Comic to Neural field
Neural gel pack to O'Connel family
O'Donnell to Owon egg
Ox to Pen Pals (episode)
Penal colony to Plasma specialist
Plasma storm to Psychoprojective telepath
Psychoprojective telepathy to Raven (disambiguation)
Raven Software to Richard II
Richard III to Romulan Star Empire
Romulan War Plans Council to Sanction
Sanction (starship) to Self-destruct sequence
Self-destruct system to Simon Pegg
Simon Prescott to Spirit of St. Louis
Spiro Razatos to Star Trek: The Motion Picture (comic magazine)
Star Trek: The Motion Picture (disambiguation) to Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home
Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (2009 DVD) to Starfleet rank markings
Starfleet ranks to Subspace field generator
Subspace field matrix to Tabitha Martin
Table to Temporal shockwave
Temporal signature to The Hollow Crown
The Hollow Crown, Part 1 to Theta-band
Theta-band radiation to Tony Sears
Tony Todd to Tulaberry wine
Tulak to USS Okinawa personnel
USS Olympia to Unnamed Starfleet personnel (23rd century)
Unnamed Starfleet personnel (24th century) to Vince's Gym
Vince Bonasso to Weapons sensor
Weapons station to Ya'Vang
Ya'nora kor to К. Э. Циолковский

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