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"Big" Ed Cooper to 2284
2285 to Acamarian planetary database
Acamarian starship to Alpha Balder IV
Alpha Bayard to Anti-chroniton
Anti-coagulant to Astronomical section
Astronomical unit to Bar Association (episode)
Bar bill to Betazoids
Betelgeuse to Border protection grid
Borderland to Burgoyne 172
Burgundy to Carey
Carey Howe to Chef Robért Catering
Chekhov to Class S
Class S planet to Cor Caroli V
Cor Caroli V plague to DS9 Season 1 UK VHS
DS9 Season 1 US VHS to Davis (Ensign)
Davis (actress) to Design patents
Designator interface circuit to Down in the Valley
Down the River Light to Einstein (2365)
Einsteinium to Eric Alba
Eric Alba (24th century) to Federation Council on Exobiology
Federation Credit to Fornax
Fornax Disaster to Garon IV
Garos to Golorian trading vessel
Golos Prime to Haljaran
Halkan to Hollow Men
Hollow Pursuits to Ice cream sandwich
Ice cream scoop to Isorem
Isoton to Jason Marsden
Jason Martin to John Caglione, Jr.
John Cann to July 2005
July 2006 to Kelli Powers
Kellicam to Koladan
Koladan diamond to Laurelian pudding
Laurell K. Hamilton to Locking clamp
Locklin to Magnetic
Magnetic boot to Marshall Teague
Marshmallow to Melona
Melona IV to Military History
Military adviser to Multispectral subspace engine design
Multispectrum particle lifeform to Neurogenic interface
Neurogenic pulse to Oaths
Oatmeal to P. Bell
P. Bryce to Pendant
Pendari to Plasma infusion unit
Plasma injection throttle subsystem to Proximity scan
Proximity sensor to Randy Roberts
Randy Sharp to Ricardo Montalban
Ricardo Montalbán to Roger C. Carmel
Roger Carmel to Sal
Sal Amendola to Sector 21527
Sector 21538 to Shon-ha'lock
Shopkeeper to Spacecraft Resupply
Spacedock to Star Trek: New Frontier
Star Trek: New Frontier - Excalibur to Star Trek - Music from the Motion Picture
Star Trek - Newly Recorded Music, Volume One to Starbase 1
Starbase 10 to Stimsonium
Stimulant to Synaptic pathway
Synaptic pattern to Tarvokian pound cake
Tarvokian powder cake to The Big Goodbye (episode)
The Biology of Star Trek to The Sky's the Limit
The Sky Above... The Mudd Below to Time loop
Time machine to Transwarp network
Transwarp probe to USS Concorde
USS Constantinople to Unit XY-75847
United to Valeri Tokarev
Valerian to Vulcan language
Vulcan literature to William H. Marshall
William H. Seward to Zero-gravity combat training
Zero Gravity Therapy Ward to К. Э. Циолковский

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