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"Big" Ed Cooper to 2307
2308 to Adah
Adam to Alva
Alvacorn Major to Apollo (disambiguation)
Apollo 1 to Author
Author, Author to Battle of Betazed
Battle of Britain to Biological sample container
Biological sample kit to Brenda Taylor
Brendan McKane to Cameron Calder
Cameron McCulloch to Central plexus
Central power linkage to Chromo-virus
Chromodynamic power module to Companel
Companion to Cyanoacrylate
Cybernetic to David J. Hudson
David Jackson to Denobulan
Denobulan-Antaran wars to Double bass
Double guitar to Egg drop soup
Eggplant to Eric Hance
Eric Hunter to Federation outposts
Federation president to Francine
Francine Pyne to Geese
Gegen to Gravesworld
Gravesworld (Klingon) to Hat
Hatana to Hovercruiser
Hovercruiser 924 to Influenza
Infogrames to James Brown (comic artist)
James Brown (disambiguation) to Jessica Scott
Jessica Sloan to Joseph Adamson
Joseph Allen to Katarzyna Kowalczyk
Katawa to Klim Dokachin
Klin to Lantaru sector
Lantaru sector research station to Lisabeth Shatner
Lisbon to Macrospentol
Macrotool to Marnie Mosiman
Marob root tea to Melora
Melora (episode) to Mimi Cozzens
Mimi Craven to My Name Is Legion
My Old Flame to New Zealand Penal Settlement
New Zealand Penal Settlement personnel to Okalar
Okaro to Paradise Lost!
Paradise Lost (episode) to Petrovsky
Pets to Post-cellular compounding
Post-neural shock syndrome to Quatloo
Quayle Canals Northeast to Relativity
Relativity (episode) to Rob Swenson
Rob Wise to Ruth Bonaventure
Ruth Haney to Scott Neal
Scott Nimerfro to Shelby Leverington
Sheldon Collins to Sorcerer-contractor
Sord to Star Trek: Fortunes of War
Star Trek: Four Generations to Star Trek - 30th Anniversary Trial Pack
Star Trek - Animaletti Pericolosi to Starbase 105
Starbase 11 to Storm Front (episode)
Storming Heaven to T'Pel
T'Pel (Ambassador) to Ted Knight
Ted LeGarde to The Dixie Gambit
The Doctor to The Wait
The War of the Prophets to Tom Morello
Tom Morga to Triptacederine
Triptin to USS Lexington
USS Lexington (NCC-1709) to Unnamed Romulans (23rd century)
Unnamed Romulans (24th century) to Vince Calenti
Vince Deadrick to Weiqi
Weird planet to Year of Hell, Part I
Year of Hell, Part II to К. Э. Циолковский

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