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"Big" Ed Cooper to 22 January
22 July to Acting captain's personal log, Nightingale
Acting captain's starlog, Enterprise (NX-01) to Altec
Altec inhabitants to Anyon
Anyon emitter to Auman
Aunt to Bat'Leth
Bat'leth to Bio-neural gel pack
Bio-nutrient supplement to Bre'el IV native
Bre'el IV natives to Caldos system
Caleb B. Smith to Cecilia Conn
Cecilia Hall to Christine Harnos
Christine Healy to Comic
Comic book to Crysata
Crystal to David A Williams
David Abbott to Denara Pel
Denaxian tapeworm to Donald Raymond
Donald Rutherford to Eddie Williams
Eddie Yansick to Environmental unit
Envoy to Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco Building
Federation to Forged in Fire
Forgiveness to Garth of Izar (novel)
Garth system to Gorta
Gosheven to Hanoran II
Hanover to Homeostasis, Part One
Homeostasis, the Conclusion to Imperfection (episode)
Imperial Family to Jack Crusher
Jack Daniel's to Jenkins (Ensign)
Jenkins (photo double) to Joined species
Joint inflammation to Kang's battle cruiser (2293)
Kang's battle cruiser (disambiguation) to Kim Koscki
Kim Koski to L. Miev
L. Ortiz to Light day
Light hour to M. Shayne Bell
M. Smith to Mark Allen Shepherd
Mark Altman to Medical emergency
Medical emergency team to Mike Boss
Mike Brislane to Mr. Oracle
Mr. President to Neural parasite (24th century)
Neural parasites to Oath of Celibacy
Oath of celibacy to PWB T'Tpalok
PWB Tomal to Perihelion
Perikian Peninsula to Pok tar
Pokattah to QE2
QE II to Red-Headed League
Red 2 message to Rigel VII
Rigel X to Rosetta Stone
Rosi Gabl to Saurian brandy
Saurian virus to Seven Wonders of the World
Seven of Nine to Snarkium
Sneeze to Star Trek: Communicator issue 121
Star Trek: Communicator issue 122 to Star Trek: The Official Fan Club Magazine issue 76
Star Trek: The Official Fan Club Magazine issue 77 to Star Trek Pinball (Stern Pinball)
Star Trek Pinball (disambiguation) to Steve Diamond
Steve Epting to Sutok's species
Sutro Tower to Tarchannen system
Tarchee cat to The Badlands, Book One
The Badlands, Book Two to The Ship
The Ship (episode) to Timeship
Timespace to Trek Fan's Handbook
Trek Fest '95 to USS Enterprise command crew woman 11
USS Enterprise command crew woman 12 to Unnamed Argrathi
Unnamed Arin'Sen to Vega Nine probe
Vega Reticuli to Walter Irwin
Walter J. Pierce to World Series
World Soundtrack Award to К. Э. Циолковский

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