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"Big" Ed Cooper to 2296
2297 to Acidichloride
Ackerman to Alrik
Alsaurian to Antiproton injection subsystem
Antiproton injector to August 1976
August 1977 to Barus
Baryon to Bill Wray
Bill Zuckert to Brain-Damaged Planet
Brain cancer to Cabral sector
Cabrodine to Castle
Castle O'Dell to Chris Dows
Chris Doyle to Collaborators
Colladium trioxide to Cress Williams
Cretak to Darod
Darok to Delaney sisters
Delaney twins to Docent
Docking arm to Earth Federation
Earth Observation Outpost to Engineering Control
Engineering Officer to False Profits
False Profits (episode) to Flight Proficiency Award
Flight Surgeon to Gallos II
Galloway to Gladiator
Gladius to H. Narita
H. Prince to Hippocampus
Hippocrates to ISS Enterprise (disambiguation)
ISS Enterprise NX-01 to Isolinear chip
Isolinear circuit to Jason Waters
Jason Wingreen to John Dwyer
John Dwyer (Captain) to June Westmore
Juneau to Kenner
Kenneth to Kraylor
Kraylor homeworld to Leigh Taylor-Young
Leila Kalomi to Louis Rubenstein
Louis Simon to Manu Intiraymi
Manua to Matt Levin
Matt Malloy to Michael G. Hagerty
Michael G. Kehoe to Molecule
Moliam Andi tapestries to Nar
Nar'ru vine to Non-aggression treaty
Non-canon characters to Optical data network recoupler
Optical data network relay to Pathways
Pato Guzman to Photonovel
Photonovels to Prion
Prior Claim to Radiogenic particle
Radiogenic vaccine to Respiration device
Respiratory series to Robert Towers
Robert Tyler to Sabotage (song)
Saboteur to Secret Lives and As Flies to Wanton Boys
Secret agent to Shish kebab
Shit to Spacelab
Spacely Sprockets to Star Trek: Ships of the Line (2008)
Star Trek: Ships of the Line (2009) to Star Trek 9
Star Trek Action Pack to Starfleet Academy!
Starfleet Academy (Beta Aquilae II) to Stuart Baird
Stuart Chaifetz to TG Theodore
THOR to Tellar Prime
Tellarite to The Evictors
The Exorcist to The Worst of Both Worlds!
The Worst of Both Worlds, Part I to Tom Todoroff
Tom Towles to Tritium intermix
Triton to USS LaSalle
USS Lakota to Unnamed Orions (23rd century)
Unnamed Orpheus Mining Colony miners to Video CD
Video Image to Waverly Smothers (Starfleet)
Wax to Xyon
Xyrillian to К. Э. Циолковский

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