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"Big" Ed Cooper to 22 January
22 July to Acquisition
Acquisition (episode) to Alpha and Beta Quadrant species
Alpha currant nectar to Antimatter relay
Antimatter spread to Audiobook
Audios & Audiobooks to Barry Kivel
Barry Koper to Bill Hawk
Bill Hawkins (Starfleet) to Brachial artery
Brack to CCN Caroline
CD-i to Cary Sato Lee
Caryl Codon to Chocolate fudge
Chocolate ice cream to Cohesion
Coil bracket to Cranial unit
Cranium to Daphne
Daphne Ashbrook to Deep Space K-7 personnel
Deep Space K7 to Dirgo
Dirigible to ECS Fortunate personnel
ECS Horizon to Emissary, Part II
Emissary (disambiguation) to Eye of the Beholder
Eye of the Beholder (episode) to First Flight (episode)
First Frontier to G. Young
G1 star to Geriatrics
Germ to Grid 6920
Grid 867 to Henry Marshall
Henry Reichenbach to Hypothalamic scan
Hypothalamic series to Introduction to Klingon Grammar
Introduction to Klingon Grammer to Jane Bigos
Jane Bordeaux to Joan Valentine
Joan Webster to Judge Crater
Judge Q to Kazon-Oglamar
Kazon-Pommar to Klingon mating rituals
Klingon military to Lasca
Laser to Literature
Lithium to Madred
Mae C. Jemison to Marquis of Queensberry rules
Marrab sector to Melodee M. Spevack
Melodee Spevack to Milk toddy
Milky Way to Murphy (security)
Murphy Anderson to Neutron radiation
Neutron star to October 1981
October 1982 to Palaeontology
Palamar to Personal log, Amasov
Personal log, Aquiel Uhnari to Polar-affective disorder
Polar Lights to Q's Guide to the Continuum
Q'tahL class to Rebecca Smith
Rebecca Soladay to Rick Kolbe
Rick Magyar to Ronald B. Moore (Civilian)
Ronald B. Moore (Crewman) to Sara Nabor
Sara Pichelli to September 1975
September 1976 to Skagaran
Skagaran colony to Staci Anderson
Stacia Lang to Star Trek: The Next Generation - Game of the Galaxies
Star Trek: The Next Generation - Ghosts to Star Trek Magazine issue 117
Star Trek Magazine issue 118 to Starship Duel II
Starship Mine to Subspace warhead
Subspace warp to Tai chi chuan
Taibak to Terix
Terkellian to The Making of Deep Space Nine
The Making of Star Trek to Thom Zahler
Thomas to Torvin (Gaia)
Torvin (Trill) to Two of Ten
Two of Three to USS Tranquillity Base
USS Trial to Unnamed planets
Unnamed plants to Voje
Vojean to Where No Man Has Gone Before (episode)
Where No Man Has Gone Before (fotonovel) to Yridium bicantizine
Yrott to К. Э. Циолковский

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