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"Big" Ed Cooper to 2312
2313 to Adam Grimes
Adam Harrington to Alvera tree
Alverian dung beetle to Apollo Command Module
Apollo Lunar Module to Auto-navigation
Auto-phaser interlock to Battle of Maxia
Battle of Mempa to Bionetic implant
Bioneural control circuitry to Brett Porter
Brett Rickaby to Canary
Canary Islands to Cetacean Institute
Cetacean Ops to Chrysalis
Chrysalis (episode) to Computer terms
Computer virus to Cyrus Ramsey
Cyrus Redblock to David McCharen
David McCoy to Depolarization pulse
Deposition to Douglas Adams
Douglas Alan Shanklin to Ekosians
Ekosians and Zeons to Ericson
Eridanus to Felecia M. Bell
Felicia Bell to Frank McLaury
Frank McLowery to Gene Roddenberry
Gene Roddenberry's Star Trek: The Original Cast Adventures to Graviton shear
Graviton stabilizer to Haystack
Hazar to Hugo Award
Hugo Villasenor to Inside Star Trek: The Real Story
Inside Star Trek (disambiguation) to James L. Woods
James Lashly to Jim Goodwin
Jim Grenon to Josh Pais
Josh Sher to Katie Jane Johnston
Katie Johnston to Klingon blade weapons
Klingon border to Larry Tolliver
Larry Welch to Little Green Men
Little Green Men (episode) to Magna Roma
Magnascopic storm to Martin Goslins
Martin Hornstein to Merchant ship
Merchantman to Mintaka III
Mintaka system to NCC-1701-D
NCC-1701-E to Nicole
Nicole Bukky to Omega Cygni
Omega Cyngi to Parinisti measles
Paris to Phaser rifle
Phaser room to Praetorian Guard
Prague to R. Eyslee
R. Fletcher to Renee Jones
Renee North to Robert Giedt
Robert Gillan to SA-6
SAG Award to Seamus Driscol
Seamus McGinty to Shield harmonic
Shield inverter to Space Seed (episode)
Space Seeds to Star Trek: Myriad Universes
Star Trek: Nemesis to Star Trek - The Motion Pictures DVD Collection (2003)
Star Trek - The Motion Pictures DVD Collection (2005) to Starbase 74
Starbase 74 personnel to Stromatopod
Stromatopod larvae to TKL
TKL ration to Telluridan synthale
Tellus to The Four Deities
The Four Seasons to There Is No Possibly
Theresa E. Victor to Tony DiMase
Tony Donno to Tuna
Tungsten to USS Renegade
USS Republic to Unnamed Wadi
Unnamed Wysanti to Vixis
Vkruk to When the Bough Breaks
Where Has All the Glory Gone? to Yvette Blais
Yvette Callum to К. Э. Циолковский

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