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"Big" Ed Cooper to 2303
2304 to Adage
Adah to Alvanian brandy
Alvanian cave sloth to Apollo Command Module
Apollo Lunar Module to Auto-regenerative shielding
Auto-relock tumbler to Battle of Mempa
Battle of Narendra III to Bioneural gelpack
Bioplasm to Brett Porter
Brett Rickaby to Canadian dollar
Canamar to Cerium
Cernan to Chronowerx
Chronowerx Corporation to Computer games
Computer log to Cyrus
Cyrus Ramsey to David Narloch
David Nemzek to Dermal art
Dermal dysplasia to Downer's Star
Downpace to Elana Livneh Lessem
Elani to Ernie Camacho
Ernie Colon to Fendaus V
Fendor to Franz Joseph
Franz Joseph Designs to Generator
Genesis to Great Diaspora
Great Domes of Qo'noS to Heart of Stone (episode)
Heart of targ to Humans (early history)
Humans (future) to Intercooler
Intercooler matrix to James Razzi
James Read to Jim Veilleux
Jim Ward to Joyce Robinson
Joycelyn O'Brien to Kedion pulse
Kee'Bhor to Klingons: Blood Will Tell
Klingot to Laura Connolly
Laura Danly to Lojal
Lojur to Majel Barrett Roddenberry
Majliss Larson to Mary Reed
Mary Rice to Meteor storm
Meteor swarm to Mitchell (actress)
Mitchell (disambiguation) to Nakan memorial
Naked to Nitrogenated soil
Nitrous oxide to Operation Fort Knox
Operation Lovely Angel to Pat Kehoe
Pat McClung to Photonic matter
Photonic missile to Priority one message
Priscila Ribeiro to Rafalian mouse
Rafeedah "Roxie" Keys to Retrovirus
Rettik to Rock climbing
Rock creature to Salazar
Saleem Crawford to Sector 70
Sector 71527 to Sigma Iotia system
Sigma Nelvana to Sphere Builder transport pod
Sphere Builder vessel to Star Trek: The Magazine Volume 3, Issue 6
Star Trek: The Magazine Volume 3, Issue 7 to Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (comic)
Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (expanded soundtrack) to Starfleet tricorder
Starfleet uniform to Subspace radiation
Subspace radio to Tagana
Taggard to Terkellian
Terkim to The Man Who Trained Meteors
The Maquis to Thomas Paris
Thomas Perry to Tractor field
Tractor pulse to Tyrus VII (Planet)
Tyrus VIIa to Ultima Thule
Ultimate Annual to Vaadwaur assault fighter
Vaadwaur homeworld to Vulcan desert soft suit
Vulcan embassy to William Ross
William Ross (orchestrator) to Zoë Saldaña
Ztélé to К. Э. Циолковский

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