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"Big" Ed Cooper to 22 November
22 October to Acting ensign
Actinide to Altec vessel
Alter Ego to Anyon
Anyon emitter to August 2015
Augustin Mas to Bat
Bat'Leth to Bio-memetic gel
Bio-mimetic gel to Bre'el IV moon
Bre'el IV native to Caldos colony
Caldos system to Cecilia Conn
Cecilia Hall to Christine Jansen
Christine Parsa to Comlink (magazine)
Comm-pic to Crystal Allen
Crystal ball to David A Williams
David Abbott to Denara Pel
Denaxian tapeworm to Donald B. Pulford
Donald Cory to Eddie Conna
Eddie Donno to Entertainment and Leisure Software Publishers Association
Entertainment tape to February 1998
February 1999 to Ford Model T
Ford Motor Company to Garon II incident
Garon IV to Gordon Dawson
Gordon Eklund to Hanging
Hanjuan to Holy Pilgrim
Holy Regiment to Imagizer
Iman to JJ Abrams
JK Woodward to Jeffrey Scott Jensen
Jeffries tube to John Wayne
John Wheeler to Kallam de Forest
Kallisko to Killer Kidd
Killer Whale to L-374 III
L-374 IV to Life (magazine)
Life Line to M. Carriere
M. Chambers to Marina Castelvetro
Marina Freeman to McWatt
Me, Android to Microrecord
Microscope to Mount Davidson
Mount Everest to Nerve gas
Nerve pinch to Nyrian system
Nyrians to Ozari
Ozone to Pensho
Pentagram to Pleadian Quadrant 7
Please, Take Me With You to Puppy
Puree of beetle to Reactor core
Reactor pit to Rick Gianasi
Rick H. Olavarria to Ronald Moore
Ronald Moore (Lieutenant Commander) to Sarek (novel)
Sargasso Sea to Sequential disruption
Sequoia class to Slavemaster
Slaver to Star Trek: 25th Anniversary (NES)
Star Trek: 25th Anniversary (PC) to Star Trek: The Next Generation Omnibus
Star Trek: The Next Generation Sketchbook: The Movies to Star Trek Monthly issue 47
Star Trek Monthly issue 48 to Stenophyl
Stepan to Surak class
Sural to Taluno
Talupian Maneuver to Tetryon plasma
Tetryon power cell to The Pet
The Phase to Tiffany Turner
Tigan to Transporter
Transporter Chief to USS Bozeman personnel
USS Bradbury to Unimatrix shield
Unimatrix shielding to Valonnan School
Valor Baum to Vulcan uniform
Vulcan uniforms to Win De Lugo
Win Phelps to К. Э. Циолковский

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