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"Big" Ed Cooper to 2286
2287 to Access code
Access conduit to Alpha Echevarria IV
Alpha Eridani II to Antide Prime
Antidean to Atmospheric stabilization
Atom to Bardeezan merchant ship
Bardoli to Biceps
Bicycle to Bosaal's species
Boseman to C-57-D
C-section to Carnival
Carnivore to Chicken soup
Chicken tetrazzini to Cloaking device
Cloaking field to Cost of Living (episode)
Costa to Dampening field
Damping field to Deborah Taylor
Deborah Van Valkenburgh to Dick Giordano
Dick Hancock to Dunsil
Duodynetic field core to Ellen Itkoff
Ellen J. Hornstein to Euthanasia
Euthanize to Fibrogenic activity
Fictional Starfleet uniform to French horn
French language to Genetronic
Genetronic replicator to Great Britain
Great Continent to Hazari
Hazari ale to Howard Sands
Howard Shangraw to Infinity's Prism
Infirmary to Jal
Jal Culluh to Jerry Crowl
Jerry Daniels to Jonathan D. Smith
Jonathan David Cook to Kareel
Kareel Odan to Kimber Lee Renay
Kimberley Farr to L. Fife
L. Isao Telaka to Life Support (episode)
Life boat to M-4 multitronic unit
M-5 to Marian Fife
Marian Fife (Captain) to Mazar
Mazarite to Michelle Latham
Michelle Lenhardt to More Beautiful Than Death
More Tribbles, More Troubles to Neck manacle
Neckbone to November 1969
November 1970 to Oriental
Orientine acid to Paul Hickman
Paul Hill to Pine Tree Bar and Grill
Pine tree to Progenitor
Progeria to Rajiin
Rajiin's species to Retrovirus
Rettik to Robin Groves
Robin Harlan to Sacraments of Fire
Sacred Chalice of Rixx to Secondary school
Secondary sun sensor to Shipshape in Bristol fashion
Shipyard to Space sick
Space sickness to Star Trek: Nero (omnibus)
Star Trek: New Adventures, Volume 1 to Star Trek - Planet of the Apes: The Primate Directive
Star Trek - Reflections of the Future, Phase One to Starbase 153
Starbase 157 to Stonewall Jackson
Stoney Westmoreland to System-5 disruptor
System J-25 to Taurean headband
Taurean nectar to The Catwalk
The Catwalk (episode) to The Star Trek Calendar (2008)
The Star Trek Calendar (2009) to Tina Reddington
Tincoo to Trekkies 2
Treks Not Taken to USS Enterprise bridge holoprogram
USS Enterprise command bridge crewman to Unnamed Algolians
Unnamed Allasomorphs to Vartan Chakarian
Varèse Sarabande to Wade Andrew Williams
Wade Felker Raymond to Winston's trading vessel
Winston Churchill to К. Э. Циолковский

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