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"Big" Ed Cooper to 2287
2288 to Access port
Access terminal to Alpha Fernandes III
Alpha Glover to Antidean transport
Antideuterium to Atomic
Atomic-matter piles to Bareil Antos (mirror)
Barge of the Dead to Biddle Coleridge
Biddy Ramsey to Boslic
Boslic cargo vessel to C.H.
C.I.S. to Carol Abney
Carol Daniels to Chief's Special
Chief Archon to Cloaking technology
Clock to Council Regent
Council of Elders to Dan Barringer
Dan Bell to Debra Lamb Bailleaux
Debra Mileaux to Dick Rubin
Dick Scotter to Duotronic probe
Duotronics to Elliot Woods
Elliott to Evacuation pod
Evadne IV to Fido (dinosaur)
Field Maintenance Power Requirements to Frequency scan detector
Frere Jacques to Genitals
Genitronic to Great Famine
Great Forest to Head of security
Headache to Hrothgar
Huang to Infrared sensor
Infusor array to Jamake Highwater
Jambalaya to Jerry Hardin
Jerry L. Quinn to Jonathan Goldsmith
Jonathan H. Dixon to Karen Asano Myers
Karen Austin to Kimberly Ryusaki
Kimberly Shannon Murphy to L. Ward
L. White to Lifeboat
Lifeform to M. Becker
M. Bozeman to Marie Fairman
Marie Javins to Mazzy
McAllister C-5 Nebula to Michelle Wright (Starfleet)
Michelob to Morgan H. Margolis
Morgan Jones to Needle in a haystack
Needlefingers to November 1982
November 1983 to Orion Arm
Orion Free Traders to Paul Lynch
Paul Manheim to Pinocchio
Pinochle to Projected stasis field
Projectile weapon to Rakhari shuttlecraft
Rakonian swamp rat to Reuben Leder
Reuel Kim to Robinson (actor)
Robinson Nebula to Saddle
Sadera VI to Sector 002
Sector 004 to Shirley Dollé
Shirley Maiewski to Spaceborne species
Spaceborne virus to Star Trek: New Visions (omnibus)
Star Trek: New Voyages to Star Trek - The Collectibles
Star Trek - The Collection to Starbase 211
Starbase 212 to Storm Front
Storm Front, Part I to T'Hain
T'Jan to Tavek
Tavela Minor to The Children of Kings
The Children of Tama to The Star Trek Make-A-Game Book
The Star Trek Reader to Tissue mitigator
Titan to Trellium D
Trellium mining planet to USS Enterprise command crew woman 4
USS Enterprise command crew woman 5 to Unnamed Annari
Unnamed Antarians to Vasodilation
Vasokin to Wainwright
Waiter to Wix
Wixiban to К. Э. Циолковский

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