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"Big" Ed Cooper to 2281
2282 to Access terminal
Access tube to Alpha Moon
Alpha Municipality to Antimatter constrictor coil
Antimatter container to Attack on the USS Kelvin
Attack pattern to Barnetta Fowler
Barney Burman to Bill (Fleet Admiral)
Bill Ames to Boulevard St. Germain
Bound to CCG: Armada
CCG: Away Team Pack to Carousel
Carpal nerve to Chief tactical officer
Chief tactical officer's log, USS Voyager to Cobalt-fusion warhead
Cobalt-thorium device to Courtroom
Couscous to Dance in Tehuantepec
Dancing to December 2014
Deceptions to Dimitris
Dimorus to Dyson sphere
Dysphoria Syndrome to Emergency manual control
Emergency manual monitor to Exocrine system
Exodus to Fintan McKeown
Fionnula Flanagan to Fusing piton
Fusion to George O'Hanlon
George O'Hanlon, Jr. to Gregg Henry
Gregg Palmer to Helen Davis
Helen Johansson to Huss
Hutch to Internal dampener
Internal sensor to James Sikking
James Sloyan to Jim Palladino
Jim Palmer to Joshua Gallegos
Joshua Greene to Kathy J. Grant
Kathy Leprich to Klingon Covert Operations Manual
Klingon Defense Force to Langor
Langour to Lisa
Lisa (22nd century) to MS-1 colony
MSD to Mark Rademaker
Mark Rafael Truitt to Megajoule
Megalite survey to Mike Muñoz
Mike Nasser to Mullibok
Mulligan to Neural trauma
Neural truncheon to Oath of Celibacy
Oath of celibacy to PCS
PC World to Penthara IV
Penthara IV personnel to Plea bargain
Plea for the Dead to Pulse phase cannon
Pulse phased weapon to Raymond Boone
Raymond Chandler to Richard Ratliff
Richard Redlefsen to Romulans - The Hollow Crown
Romulo Fajardo to Sandstorm
Sandwich to Sensor module
Sensor pod to Siren calls
Sirilium to Sporocystian toxin
Sport to Star Trek: The Next Generation - A Klingon Challenge
Star Trek: The Next Generation - A World for all Seasons to Star Trek Logs
Star Trek Logs 1-3 to Starnes Expedition
Starnes Expedition Party log to Subspace sandbar
Subspace sensor to Tactics Officer
Tactics officer to Terajoule
Terakin to The Landmark Crossover
The Last Meeting of Lee and Jackson to Third planets
Thirteenth Story Arc to Torman V
Tormium to Tuvok orchid
Tuwaly pie to USS Roosevelt
USS Rubicon to Unnamed Valdore type starships
Unnamed Valerians to Virginia
Virginia Aldridge to Wendy Ruiz
Wendy Ruiz (comedian) to Yeast
Yediq to К. Э. Циолковский

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