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"Big" Ed Cooper to 2283
2284 to Acapulco
Accelerated critical neural pathway formation to Alpha Centauri colony
Alpha Centauri outpost to Anti-time future
Anti-time past to Atm
Atmosphere to Barbarian
Barbecue to Bevin Kaye
Bevin Kaye Franco to Borg unicomplex
Borgia to By Any Other Name
By Any Other Name (episode) to Carlos Ferro
Carlos Garzon to Chevrolet C 30 Step Van
Chevrolet Caprice to Cliff Nielsen
Cliff Potts to Cortisone
Cortolin to Dakeen Monastery
Dakeen monastery to Death Wish
Death Wish (episode) to Diane Carter
Diane Cummings to Du'cha
Du-ko-cha to Eli Hollander
Eliann to Etanian
Etanian Order to Ferengi cargo shuttle
Ferengi casino ship to Frannie
Franz Bachelin to Gene Nelson
Gene Rizzardi to Gravimetric force
Gravimetric gradient to Hartla
Haru outpost to Hospital
Hospital Ship 4-2 to In a Mirror, Darkly, Part II (episode)
In a Mirror, Darkly (episode) to Jack Sheldon
Jack Snider to Jenkins (Captain)
Jenkins (Crewman) to John Wright
John Young to Kalandra system
Kalar to Khan Singh
Khata'n Zshaar to Kurros
Kurros' species to Letek
Lethe to Lupi
Lupo to March 1981
March 1982 to Maury Ginsberg
Maury Ginsberg (actor) to Michael Mills
Michael Minor to Monica Livingston
Monica Parrett to Nassuc's species
Nasturtium to Noncorporeal being
Nondoran tomato paste to Optical nerve
Optical transducer to Pat Nixon
Pat Romano to Phonograph
Phonology to Pressure chamber
Pressure dome to RCS thruster
RDM to Renth
Rentrillic trajectory to Robert Englund
Robert F. Hoy to Ryetalyn
Rynar to Scott Rubenstein
Scott Rubenstein (comedian) to Shawn (actor)
Shawn Baden (Starfleet) to Son of Frankenstein
Son of K'Vok to Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - Voice Print
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Annual to Star Trek: The Role-Playing Game
Star Trek: The Role Playing Game to Star Trek Star Fleet Technical Manual
Star Trek Stardate to Steve DeRelian
Steve Dennis to Susan Schwartz
Susan Shwartz to Tania McComas
Tanis to Thallium
Thalmerite to The Pirates of Penzance
The Planet of No Life to Tibor Nebula
Tiburon to Transformer bank
Transfusion to UFP Members
UFP News to Ullage thruster device
Ullian to VISOR
VK Velikan to Voyager VI
Voyager aeroshuttle to Wil
Wil Raymond to Zahir
Zahl to К. Э. Циолковский

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