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"Big" Ed Cooper to 2286
2287 to Accelerated critical neural pathway formation
Acceleration thruster to Alpha Braga VII
Alpha Carinae to Anti-grav sailing
Anti-grav sled to Asylum
Atalia VII to Baran's mercenary vessel personnel
Baran's raider to Beth Moberly
Beth Nufer to Borg-Species 8472 War
Borg (disambiguation) to Burman Studio
Burn to Cargo lift
Cargo management unit to Chemical identity sensors
Chemical rocket to Classroom
Claude to Core laborer
Corelki to DS9 Season 5 US VHS
DS9 Season 5 performers to Dawn Velazquez (Civilian)
Dawn Velazquez (Lieutenant) to Destruction of Vulcan
Destructo beam to Draim
Drake to El-Baz
El-Gatark to Eric Norris
Eric Peterson to Federation Technological Survey
Federation Treaty Office to Foster (Cadet)
Foster (Crewman) to Gary Bullock
Gary Combs to Gordon Clapp
Gordon Coffey to Hamlet
Hamlet (Prince) to Holo-projection
Holo-projector to Idaho
Idanian to Iyaaran shuttle
Iyar to Jay Jones
Jay Karnes to John Doman
John Drew Barrymore to June 1985
June 1986 to Kelso
Kelton IV to Koraga
Koral to Lawrence Montaigne
Lawrence Pressman to Loman Stocker
Lon Pho to Maihar'du
Maihardu to Martini
Martini (brand) to Mendez
Mendez (disambiguation) to Mimi Cozzens
Mimi Craven to Mushroom soup
Music to Neutron radiation
Neutron star to Ocett's starship personnel
Octare to Pack Up Your Troubles
Packard to Peregrine class
Peretor to Playing God (episode)
Playing Mantis to Puberty
Public Broadcasting Service to Ration pack
Ration pack 5 to Richard Derr
Richard Douglas Husband to Rom (mirror)
Roma Goddard to Sam Hennings
Sam Kirk to Sector 97
Sector Command to Siddig el Fadil
Sidney La Forge to Spawn beetle
Speakeasy to Star Trek: Ships of the Line (2003)
Star Trek: Ships of the Line (2004) to Star Trek - X-Men
Star Trek - X-Men II to Starbase 434
Starbase 440 to Strange New Worlds 9
Strange New Worlds I to T'Paal
T'Paal (city) to Taylor Hospital (Nel III)
Taylor McCluskey to The Clift
The Cloud to The Star Trek Universe: Franchising the Final Frontier
The Star to Every Wandering to Tire lock
Tiron to Trekkies (LaserDisc)
Trekkies (VHS) to USS Enterprise (brig)
USS Enterprise (brig) personnel to Unnamed Acamarians
Unnamed Aenar to Vargas
Variable compression nozzle to W. Dunsel
W. Foster to Willis
Willitts Designs to К. Э. Циолковский

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