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"Big" Ed Cooper to 2286
2287 to Access code
Access conduit to Alpha Echevarria IV
Alpha Eridani II to Antide Prime
Antidean to Atmospheric stabilization
Atom to Bardeezan merchant ship
Bardoli to Biceps
Bicycle to Bosaal's species
Boseman to C-57-D
C-section to Carnival
Carnivore to Chicken soup
Chicken tetrazzini to Cloaking device
Cloaking field to Cost of Living (episode)
Costa to Dampening field
Damping field to Deborah Taylor
Deborah Van Valkenburgh to Dick Giordano
Dick Hancock to Dunsil
Duodynetic field core to Ellen Itkoff
Ellen J. Hornstein to Euthanasia
Euthanize to Fictional Starfleet uniform
Fictional character to French language
French onion soup to Genetronic replicator
Geneva to Great Continent
Great Dane to Hazari ale
Hazari shuttle to Howard Shangraw
Howard Weinstein to Infirmary
Inflatable starship decoy to Jal Culluh
Jal Karden to Jerry Fielding
Jerry Finnerman to Jonathan Del Arco
Jonathan Dixon to Kareen Brianon
Karemma to Kimberley J. Shull
Kimberley J. Thompson to L. Jeffreys
L. McGarry to Life form
Life of Cupcake to M-5 computer
M-5 multitronic unit to Marian McAllum
Marian Stensgard to Mazarite High Council
Mazarite shuttle to Michelle Liu Raymond
Michelle Parylak to More Tribbles, More Troubles (episode)
Moreka to Necklace
Necktie to November 1971
November 1972 to Original Star Trek action figures (Mego)
Original Star Trek toys (Mego) to Paul Holmquist
Paul Howard to Pineal gland
Pineapple to Progesterone
Program Crusher 4 to Rajiin (episode)
Rak-Miunis to Return of the Archons
Return to Axanar to Robin Hood
Robin Kellick to Sacred Ground
Sacred Ground (episode) to Secret Lives and As Flies to Wanton Boys
Secret agent to Shipyard Bar
ShirKahr to Space station
Space studies to Star Trek: New Earth
Star Trek: New Frontier to Star Trek - Shuttle Box
Star Trek - Space-Spanning Treasury Edition to Starbase 172
Starbase 173 to Stonn
Stooge to System J25
System L-370 to Taurean system
Taurik to The Centre Cannot Hold
The Chance Factor to The Star Trek Calendar (2010)
The Star Trek Calendar (2011) to Tinghamut
Tinker, Tenor, Doctor, Spy to Trelane
Trelane's alligator to USS Enterprise command bridge trainee
USS Enterprise command crew woman 1 to Unnamed Alpha and Beta Quadrant planets
Unnamed Alpha and Beta Quadrant starships to Varèse Sarabande Records
Vasal constrictor to Wade Kelley
Wade Kelly to Winston DeLugo
Winter to К. Э. Циолковский

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