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"Big" Ed Cooper to 2287
2288 to Acelyte
Acerno to Alpha V colony
Alpha Zayra II to Antimatter stream coil
Antimatter tank to Audrid Dax
Audubon Park to Barry Russo
Barry Schkolnick to Bill McTosh
Bill Mondy to Brad Greenquist
Brad Henke to CIS
CIS, Hollywood to Cascade virus
Cascading biogenic pulse to Chocolate wobble
Chodak to Cola
Coladrium flow to Crawfish etouffee
Crawfish étouffée to Darin Cooper
Dario Finelli to Defiant (episode)
Defiant (mirror) to Distant Early Warning
Distant Origin to EPS
EPS conduit to Encoding filter
Encounter With the Othersiders to FNN
FSNP to Fitzpatrick (Crewman)
Five to Galactic Cultural Exchange Project
Galactic Emergency Procedures to Giant in the Universe
Gibson to Guidance system
Guidance thruster to Hershman's Star
Herta Ware to IKS Bortas personnel
IKS Buruk to Iraq
Ireland to January 2005
January 2006 to Joey Anaya, Jr.
Joey Aresco to July 1968
July 1969 to Kelleye N. Raymond
Kelli Ann McNally to Kolax
Kolem to Lava
Lava lamp to London
London Eye to Makapa bread
Makar to Mary Kim
Mary Kohnert to Messier 110
Messier 32 to Mirror universe history
Mirror universe people to NCC-74656
NCC-75227 to Nigger
Night to Omega Centus I
Omega Cygni to Parboiling
Pardek to Phased ion cannon
Phased ionic pulse to Power company
Power conduit to Quid
Quin'lat to Relics (novel)
Religion to Robbiani dermal-optic test
Robbie Busch to Russol
Rust to Scott Jaeck
Scott Klace to Shaun Roberts
Shaun Varney to Son of K'Vok
Sonak to Star Trek: Enterprise (Blu-ray)
Star Trek: Enterprise (DVD) to Star Trek: Voyager - Movies
Star Trek: Voyager - Planet Killer to Star Trek films (LaserDisc)
Star Trek films (UK VHS) to Steven R. Bernstein
Steven R. Schirripa to Symbiote
Symbiotic lifeform to Tash's species
Tasha Yar to The Bradford Exchange
The Brain Shockers to The Star Trek Calendar (1999)
The Star Trek Calendar (2000) to Tip O'Neill
Tire iron to Trenka Bron-Ken
Trent to USS Enterprise command crewman 7
USS Enterprise command crewman 8 to Unnamed Baneans
Unnamed Barkonians to Vega 9 probe
Vega IX to Walt Davis
Walt Doty to Worf
Worf's First Adventure to К. Э. Циолковский

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