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"Big" Ed Cooper to 22 August
22 December to Acoustics
Acquisition to Alshanai Rift
Alsia to Antithoron
Antitime to August 1982
August 1983 to Barzan probe
Barzan wormhole to Billy Blackburn
Billy Brown to Braking thruster
Bralota III to Cadmium
Cadmium salt to Cateline
Caterer to Chris Nelson Norris
Chris O'Hara to Colm Meaney
Cologne to Criminal behavior
Criminal organization to Darwin Station
Darwyn Carson to Delphi
Delphi Ardu IV to Dodge City
Dodge Ram to Earth satellite network
Earth science to Enhancement module
Enigma to Fanily Fugue
Fanon to Flotilla
Flotter to Gameforge
Gamelan V to Glenn Walker Harris Jr.
Glessene sector to Habak
Habitable zone to History of Star Trek Book: "The Origins of the Star Trek Pheno...
Hitchhiking to Ian Quinn
Ian Ray to It's Only a Paper Moon
It's Only a Paper Moon (episode) to Jay Schwartz
Jay Scott Pike to John Glenn
John Glover to Justice
Justice (episode) to Kentucky
Kentucky Derby to Krim (Starfleet)
Krios to Leola root broth
Leola root soup to Loyalties
Loyalty Test to Maras
Marat Kobar to Matthew Faison
Matthew J. Williamson to Michael Mack
Michael Maguire to Monika Spruch
Moninger to Nathan Potvin
Nathan Samuels to Norma Johnson
Norma Lee to Orbital office complex
Orbital platform to Pattern Suicide
Pattern buffer to Pierre M. Drolet
Pierre de Fermat to Productivity
Profanity to Rak-Miunis
Rakal to Revelation and Dust
Revell-Monogram to Rockefeller family
Rocket to Sakkath
Sakonna to Sector 25712
Sector 3-0 to Shuttlepod One (episode)
Shuttlepod Pike to Species 2461
Species 259 to Star Trek: The Card Game
Star Trek: The Card Game - Starfleet Maneuvers to Star Trek FAQ
Star Trek FAQ 2.0 to Starfleet Extended Tour Ribbon
Starfleet Fleets to Subcontinent
Subculture to TNG Season 7 US VHS
TNG Season 7 performers to Templeton
Temporal to The Galileo Seven (fotonovel)
The Gallian to Therbian
There's No Space Like Gnomes'! to Tonia Barrows
Tonkian homing beacon to Tryptamine
Tryptophan-lysine distillate to USS Norway
USS Nova to Unnamed T'Lani
Unnamed Tak Tak to Vincent van Gogh
Vinci to Welder
Weldon to Year Four, Issue 3
Year Four, Issue 4 to К. Э. Циолковский

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