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"Big" Ed Cooper to 22 June
22 March to Acting captain's log, USS Voyager
Acting captain's personal log to Altarian Conference
Altarian encephalitis to Antwerp
Antwerp Conference to August 2011
August 2012 to Bassen Rift
Basso to Bio-luminescent lifeform
Bio-matter re-sequencer to Braxton
Brazil to Caldonia
Caldonian to Ce Acatl
Cease Fire to Christine Artecona
Christine Baur to Comedians
Comet to Cryostasis
Cryostasis chamber to David-Troy
David (Bible) to Demons (episode)
Demons of Air and Darkness to Don Rutherford (actor)
Don Rutherford (disambiguation) to Edd Hendricks
Eddie to Enterprize
Entertainment Effects Group to February 1995
February 1996 to Forced spectrum communcation
Forcefield to Garlic soup
Garman Hertzler to Gorath
Gorch to Hangar 18
Hangar 1 (Enterprise-D) to Holoship
Holosuite to Image in the Sand (episode)
Image processor to J. Thomas
J. Triphon to Jeffrey L. Kimball
Jeffrey Lang to John Vernon
John Vickery to Kali
Kali-fal to Kilana
Kilby to Kzinti government
Kzinti phaser to Lieutenant Junior Grade
Lieutenant colonel to M-Zed-5
M-Zed V to Marilyn Fox
Marilyn MacDonald to McMann
McManus to Micropaleontologist
Micropaleontology to Moudakis
Mount Cook to Nervala IV
Nerve agent to Nyria III
Nyria V to Oyster
Oyster pirate to Penny Juday (Ensign)
Penny L. Juday to Playmates Toys
Playwright to Punishments
Punk to Reaction chamber
Reaction control system to Rick Berman
Rick Berman (Admiral) to Ronald D. Moore (Starfleet)
Ronald D. Moore (Vice Admiral) to Sarcasm
Sarda to Septimis Minor
Septimus to Skydance Productions
Skye Dent to Star Trek, Issue 1
Star Trek, Issue 2 to Star Trek: The Next Generation Officer's Manual
Star Trek: The Next Generation Omnibus to Star Trek Monthly issue 52
Star Trek Monthly issue 53 to Stephan Martiniere
Stephane Gudju to Surata IV microbe
Surata microbe to Talupian stratagem
Talur to Tetryon plasma
Tetryon power cell to The Phase
The Physics of Star Trek to Tigan family
Tige Andrews to Transporter Theory
Transporter accident to USS Brattain dedication plaque
USS Brattain personnel to Unimatrix shielding
Uninhabited planets to Valonnan School
Valora Noland to Vulcan tricorder
Vulcan uniform to Wilson (mirror)
Wilson Dyer to К. Э. Циолковский

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