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"Big" Ed Cooper to 2287
2288 to Acelyte
Acerno to Alpha V colony
Alpha Zayra II to Antimatter stream coil
Antimatter tank to Audrid Dax
Audubon Park to Barry Russo
Barry Schkolnick to Bill McTosh
Bill Mondy to Brad Greenquist
Brad Henke to CIS
CIS, Hollywood to Cascade virus
Cascading biogenic pulse to Chocolate wobble
Chodak to Cola
Coladrium flow to Crawfish etouffee
Crawfish étouffée to Darin Cooper
Dario Finelli to Defiant (episode)
Defiant (mirror) to Distant Early Warning
Distant Origin to EPS
EPS conduit to Encoding filter
Encounter With the Othersiders to FNN
FSNP to Fitzpatrick (Crewman)
Five to Galactic Cultural Exchange Project
Galactic Emergency Procedures to Giant in the Universe
Gibson to Guidance system
Guidance thruster to Hershman's Star
Herta Ware to IKS Bortas personnel
IKS Buruk to Iraq
Ireland to January 2005
January 2006 to Joey Anaya, Jr.
Joey Aresco to July 1968
July 1969 to Kelleye N. Raymond
Kelli Ann McNally to Kolax
Kolem to Lava
Lava lamp to London
London Eye to Major League Baseball
Major general to Mary Kay Adams
Mary Kay Morse to Message in a Bottle and Sins of the Fathers
Message tape to Mirror universe casualties
Mirror universe cultures to NCC-73918
NCC-74210 to Nigala IV
Nigel Dunlap to Ombudsman
Omega to Parasitism
Paratrinic shield to Phase variance
Phase weapon to Power beam
Power cell to Quickening
Quicksilver Software to Relics
Relics (episode) to Rob Wise
Robau to Russian Space Agency
Russian language to Scott Herbertson
Scott Herbertson (Starfleet) to Shaun Duke
Shaun Geoffrey Christopher to Son'a starship classes
Son'a uniform to Star Trek: Elite Force II
Star Trek: Encounters to Star Trek: Voyager - Fourth Season Vol. 2
Star Trek: Voyager - Inside the New Adventure to Star Trek films
Star Trek films (Betamax) to Steven Mullen
Steven Oliver to Symbiont
Symbiosis to Tarvokian pound cake
Tarvokian powder cake to The Book of Tsunkatse
The Bottle to The Star Trek Calendar (1994)
The Star Trek Calendar (1995) to Tinker Tenor Doctor Spy (episode)
Tinsley Transfers to Trellium mining planet
Trelonian to USS Enterprise command crewman 2
USS Enterprise command crewman 3 to Unnamed Bajoran Militia personnel
Unnamed Bajoran interceptors to Vedek Assembly
Veer to Wally Schirra
Walnut to Woody Talbert
Woof to К. Э. Циолковский

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