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"Big" Ed Cooper to 2286
2287 to Access tunnel
Accession to Alpha Majoris I
Alpha McCusker to Antimatter (novel)
Antimatter chamber to Attack of the Lobster People
Attack of the Martians to Barnard's star
Barnes Nebula to Bilateral kelilactiral
Bilby family to Bothans
Boton to CBS Home Entertainment
CBS Interactive to Carolyn L. Raymond
Carolyn McCormick to Chief of Starfleet Intelligence
Chief of Starfleet Operations to Coalition of Madena
Coalition of Madena VI to Coup d'état
Coupler prediction scanner to Dana Kramer-Rolls
Dana Kurtin to December 2001
December 2002 to Dilithium matrix
Dilithium ore to Dylan Hucklesby
Dylan Otto Krider to Emergency buoy
Emergency bypass control to Exitstageleft
Exo-plating to Final Frontier
Final Frontier (magazine) to Fumiko Hamada
Fun Source to George Cvjetnicanin
George D. Wallace to Greg Nelson
Greg Papalia to Heidi Smothers (Starfleet)
Heidi Swedberg to Hupyrian beetle
Hupyrian beetle snuff to Intercooler matrix
Intercraft to James McGrath, Jr.
James McIntire to Jim Halty
Jim Hardy (comedian) to Josephs
Josette DiCarlo to Kathleen A. Petty
Kathleen Demor to Klingon-Cardassian War
Klingon-Federation Alliance to Landrew
Landris II to Linguistics
Linguistics bank to MARA
MCA Records to Mark Miller
Mark Moses to Medkit
Medulla oblongata to Mike Jonas
Mike Justus to Mud
Mud bath to Neural natives
Neural net to O'Shea
O'Zaal to Oyster pirate
Oyster toad to Pendrashian cheese
Peninsula to Plasmadyne relay
Plasmatic energy to Ptolemy II
Ptolemy class to Rawlins
Ray Bradbury to Richard James (Lieutenant Commander)
Richard K. Berman to Romulan cruiser
Romulan disruptor to Sanctuary Processing Center
Sand to Self-destruct sequence
Self-destruct system to Simon Tarses
Simon Templeman to Spit basil
Spitfire to Star Trek: The Motion Picture (comic magazine)
Star Trek: The Motion Picture (disambiguation) to Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home
Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (2009 DVD) to Starfleet patrol vessel
Starfleet personnel to Subspace echo
Subspace echogram to TWOK
T cell to Temporal polarization
Temporal psychosis to The Haunting of Deck Twelve
The Haunting of Deck Twelve (episode) to Thermolyte explosive
Thermolytic charge to Tony Epper
Tony Graf Raymond to Tsingtao family
Tsugh Kaidnn to USS Newton
USS Niagara to Unnamed Skagarans
Unnamed Skrreeans to Vilix'pran
Vilix'pran's species to Weapon signature
Weapons Officer to Y'zjete H'ieh City
Y-500 to К. Э. Циолковский

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