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"Big" Ed Cooper to 2282
2283 to Acamarian starship
Acamarians to Alpha Centauri City
Alpha Centauri Colony to Anti-time
Anti-time eruption to Atlas (moon)
Atlas Editions to Barbara Wallace
Barbara Webber to Beverly Picard
Beverly Washburn to Borg technology
Borg transwarp hubs to Butterfly
Buying Time to Carlos
Carlos (Dixon Hill) to Chester Trapp
Chet Richards to Cliff DeYoung
Cliff De Young to Cortical processing subunit
Cortical processor to Daimon
Dairy Queen to Death (comic)
Death Before Dishonor to Diana R. Lupo
Diane to Dry spell (sex)
Drydock to Elf
Elgol-red to Estonianium
Estrogen to Ferengi Salvage Code
Ferengi Seal of Dismemberment to Franklin Delano Roosevelt
Franklin Mint to Gene Dynarski
Gene Green to Gravimetric distortion
Gravimetric disturbance to Harry S. Truman
Harry Townes to Horse
Horseback riding to In Purgatory's Shadow
In Purgatory's Shadow (episode) to Jack London
Jack Lord to Jem'Hadar tricorder
Jem'Hadar warship to John Wan
John Warburton to Kal Rekk
Kal toh to Khan
Khan, issue 1 to Kunivas
Kurak to Lessons (episode)
Lester Levesconte to Lunar capsule
Lunar colonies to March 1973
March 1974 to Maurice Palanski
Maurice Palinski to Michael Mayer (Starfleet)
Michael McAdam to Monean
Monean Maritime Sovereignty to Narva colony
Nasal bone to Non-corporeal lifeform
Non-corporeal species to Ops
Ops report to Pastor
Pastorium liquid 342 to Phlox (Hierarchy)
Phlox (mirror) to Prentares Ribbon of Commendation
Present Tense to R. Simonson
R. Stephen Weber to Renee Pulve
Renee Taglia to Robert Curtis Brown
Robert Dawn to Ryan Honey
Ryan M. Williams to Scott Marklyn
Scott Marlowe to Shattered Mirror (episode)
Shattered Universe to Sompek
Somraw to Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - Series Premiere
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - The Collector's Edition to Star Trek: The Original Series 365
Star Trek: The Original Series Complete to Star Trek Scrabble
Star Trek Smithsonian Exhibit to Steve Carr
Steve Cassavantes to Susan Oliver
Susan Patterson to Tandar sector
Tandaran to Thadial Bokar
Thadiun Okona to The Peril of Planet Quick Change
The Persistence of Memory to Thyroid gland
Théyard to Transamerica Pyramid
Transceiver to U. Eroreich
UESPA to Uhura's Song
Uhura's Story to V. Valles
V838 Monocerotis to Voval
Vow of silence to Whom Gods Destroy (episode)
Whoopee cushion to Zach Howard
Zach LeBeau to К. Э. Циолковский

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