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"Big" Ed Cooper to 22 January
22 July to Acting captain's log
Acting captain's log, USS Enterprise to Altair water
Altairian Conference to Antonio López de Santa Anna
Antonio Vesa to August 2001
August 2002 to Basics, Part II
Basics, Part II (episode) to Binary system
Bing Crosby to Brannon Braga (Starfleet)
Branscombe Richmond to Cal-Tech
Cal Bolder to Caveat emptor
Caveman to Christian H. Burton
Christian J. Fletcher to Columbus
Columbus Avenue to Crucible
Crucible characters to Dave Ellis
Dave Figlioli to Deltan ship
Deltans to Don Ingalls
Don Ivan Punchatz to Ed Bakey
Ed Begley, Jr. to Enterprise C
Enterprise D to Fear
Fear Planet to Foot
Football to Gannon Kenney
Gant to Golden Brooks
Golden Gate Bridge to Halla
Halley's Comet to Holodeck characters
Holodeck matter to Ikaaran
Ikalian asteroid belt to J. Fisher
J. Fleck to Jeff Jensen
Jeff Khachadoorian to John Paxton
John Peel to Kafar
Kaferia to Kevin Whatley
Key Art Award to Kurlan system
Kurland to Level 4 diagnostic
Level 5 diagnostic to Lynch (actor)
Lynch (disambiguation) to Margaret Blanchard
Margaret Clark to May 2008
May 2009 to Michelle Latham
Michelle Lenhardt to Morgue
Morianna Taal to Nehemiah Persoff
Nehret to Nuclear fusion
Nuclear holocaust to Oscar series
Oshionian Prime to Peabody Award
Peace and long life to Plasma conversion sensor
Plasma coolant to Psi Fi Movie Press
Psi Fi Press to Rateg
Rating code to Richard Herd
Richard Hill to Romulan language
Romulan military to Sandra Grando
Sandra J. White to Sensor
Sensor Maintenance to Sirna Kolrami
Sirol to Squadron
Square Enix to Star Trek: The Next Generation - Intelligence Gathering
Star Trek: The Next Generation - Intelligence Gathering (omnibus) to Star Trek Magazine issue 139
Star Trek Magazine issue 140 to Starship separation
Starships to Suella Springfield
Sufe Bradshaw to Takayama type shuttlecraft
Take Me Out to the Holosuite to Terran Empire
Terran Empire rebellion to The Merchant of Venice
The Method to Thomas Robinson Harper
Thomas Sanders to Tracking station
Tractor beam to Typhoid Mary
Typhoid fever to US Marine Corps
US Navy to VHD
VHS to Vulcan-Andorian history
Vulcan (alternate reality) to Willabee & Ward
Willard Decker to Zephram Cochrane
Zepht to К. Э. Циолковский

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