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"Big" Ed Cooper to 22 August
22 December to Acidichloride
Ackerman to Alpha Shiro
Alpha V to Antimatter purge vent
Antimatter radiation to Audet IX
Audio to Barron Toler
Barros Inn to Bill E. Rogers
Bill Erwin to Boy Scouts
Boyce to CCG: Strange New Worlds
CCG: Tenth Anniversary Collection to Carter Winston (impostor)
Cartilage to Chip Mayer
Chip Murdock to Code of the Ushaan
Code one alpha zero to Craig Gilmore
Craig Hundley to Daniels' faction
Daniels (Chief) to Dedication plaque comparison
Dee'Ahn to Dion Anderson
Dione to E.W. Roddenberry
E.W. Roddenberry (Starfleet) to Emergency transporter armband
Emergency turbolift to Explorer
Explorer S-55 to Fire wolf
Firearm to Future releases
Futures to George and Gracie
Georges Bizet to Gremlin
Grenade to Hemophilia
Henard to Hyper-acceleration
Hyper-evolution to Interrogation chair
Interrogation room to James Wellington
James Wellman to Jim Wilkey
Jim Wolvington to Journal of Daystrom Institute
Journal of Felkner Institute to Katie Taylor
Katie Wesley to Klingon Imperial Fleet
Klingon Imperial information net to Larg
Larg (Captain) to Lisa Putman White
Lisa Rich to Mabus
MacAlister to Mark Stetson
Mark Stimson to Megaton
Megavoltage to Mike Owens
Mike Rappaport to Multi-kinetic neutronic mine
Multi-polar analysis to Neuro-pressure
Neuro-processing adjunct to Oath of silence
Oaths to PDRS
PEGI to Pentath system
Penthara IV to Platonius
Platoon to Pulmonary scanner
Pulmozine to Ray Ellis
Ray Ewan to Richard L. Morrison
Richard Lavin to Romulan language
Romulan military to Sanctuary Processing Center
Sand to Self-destruct system
Self-diagnostic to Simon and Schuster Audioworks
Simone Boisseree to Spitting cobra
Spitting termite to Star Trek: The Modala Imperative
Star Trek: The Motion Picture to Star Trek III: The Search for Spock (comic)
Star Trek III: The Search for Spock (expanded soundtrack) to Starfleet casualties
Starfleet casualties (22nd century) to Subspace compression
Subspace compression anomaly to TSFS
TUC to Temporal observatory
Temporal paradox to The High Ground
The High Ground (episode) to Thermonuclear missile
Thermos to Tony Isabella
Tony Jay to Tuba
Tube grub to USS Olympic
USS Omaha Nebraska to Unnamed Talosians
Unnamed Tamarians to Vincent Niebla
Vincent Schiavelli to Weintraub
Weiqi to Yareena
Yareth to К. Э. Циолковский

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