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"Big" Ed Cooper to 2296
2297 to Acoustic inverter
Acoustic relay to Alsaurian resistance
Alshanai Rift to Antitachyon
Antitachyon pulse to August 1980
August 1981 to Baryon sweep
Baryonic particles to Billions of years ago
Billy to Brain probe
Brain stem to Cadet Training Squadron 47
Cadet ship to Cat Hayes
Catacombs to Chris Ishii
Chris Johnston to Collective consciousness
Collective unconsciousness to Crewman second class
Crewman third class to Darthen
Dartmoor to Della Van Hise
Delman to Doctor of Theoretical Physics
Doctor quotes to Earth parallel development
Earth plants to Enhanced compression rifle
Enhanced warp drive to Fanon
FantastiCon Award to Florida Keys
Flotilla to Game Software Rating Regulations
Gamefest: Star Trek Classics to Glenn R. Wilder
Glenn Smith to Haakonian shuttle
Habak to Hitler
Hitora colony to Ian Patrick Williams
Ian Quinn to It's Federation Day!
It's Only a Paper Moon to Jay Smith
Jay T. Louden to John Goodson (Starfleet)
John Graffeo to Just a Geek
Just in Time to Kentanna
Kentor to Kri'stak volcano
Krieger wave to Leola
Leola bark tea to Lovok
Lovok's Warbird to Marabel dragon
Maraji to Matthew (Moab IV)
Matthew Beisner to Michael Kehoe
Michael Keller (Starfleet) to Monean Maritime Sovereignty
Monean research vessel to Natalie Winwood
Natalie Wood to Norcadian
Norcadian Museum of Entomology to Orb of Wisdom
Orb of the Emissary to Patrick Merriweather
Patrick Michael to Picard VIII
Picard XXII to Proceedings of Stern Institute for Astrophysics
Proceedings of Weiss Institute for Theoritical Physics to Rain Robinson
Rain forest to Return of the Archons
Return to Axanar to Robot grain ship
Robot transport ship to Saint Emilion
Saint Moritz to Sector 22055
Sector 22079 to Shuttle 78072
Shuttle 89 to Spatial turbulence
Spatial vortex to Star Trek: The Animated Series (DVD)
Star Trek: The Animated Series (LaserDisc) to Star Trek DAC
Star Trek Daily Calendar (2013) to Starfleet General Orders and Regulations
Starfleet Handbook on Personal Relationships to Subdermal bioprobe
Subdermal implant to TOS-R
TOS-R Season 1 DVD to Temporal RNA
Temporal RNA sequencing to The Gateway
The Gemini Agent to Thermal control van
Thermal deflector unit to Tony Cruz
Tony Daniel to Tsunkatse (episode)
Tuba to USS Okinawa
USS Okinawa personnel to Unnamed Talaxians
Unnamed Talosians to Vinculum
Vinegar to Welder
Weldon to Year Four, Issue 2
Year Four, Issue 3 to К. Э. Циолковский

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