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"Big" Ed Cooper to 2298
2299 to Acetylene
Achilles to Alpha Onias expedition
Alpha Onias system to Antimatter containment unit
Antimatter converter to Attack ship
Attack squadron to Barolian freighter
Barometer to Bill Asman
Bill Baldwin to Bounty hunter
Bourbon to CCG: Blaze of Glory
CCG: Blaze of Glory Foils to Carrie A.F. Carnevale
Carrie Carnevale to Children of the Son
Children of the Storm to Cochrane Medal of Honor
Cochrane deceleration maneuver to Cove palm
Covenant to Daniel Benzali
Daniel Betances to December 2006
December 2007 to Dilithium crystal chamber
Dilithium crystal circuit to Dwight Eisenhower
Dwight Frye to Emergency Medical Hologram Mark 1
Emergency Medical Hologram Replacement Program to Excelsior: Forged in Fire
Excelsior class to Film
Film Effects of Hollywood to Fuel consumption log
Fuel consumption report to George Brozak
George Burns to Greg Gault
Greg Grunberg to Hegh'bat
Hegh'ta to Hundred Year war
Hungarian to Intelligence Gathering
Intelligence agencies to James L. Conway
James L. McCoy to Jil Orra
Jill to Joseph Bernard
Joseph Billingiere to Karyn Archer
Karyn Berlin to Kirk Raymone
Kirk Thatcher to Lake El'nar
Lake El-nar to Lincoln
Lincoln (disambiguation) to MA:BABEL
MA:BOLD to Mark A. Sheppard
Mark Aaron Wagner to Mechanical rice picker
Mechanical sentinel to Microorganism
Micropaleontologist to Moth
Mother to Nemesis
Nemesis (comic) to Nucleogenic lifeform
Nucleogenic particle to Osama Bin Laden
Osana caverns to Paulo Caillile
Paulson Nebula to Planet of Galactic Peace
Planet of Judgment to Proto-nebula
Protocol Master to Ramufta
Ramura to Rhubarbium
Rhuludian crystal to Roga Danar
Rogan Wilde to Salami sandwich
Salazar to Sector 25712
Sector 3-0 to Shuttlecraft
Shuttlecraft Cousteau to Spatial orientation test
Spatial phenomenon to Star Trek: Starfleet Academy (1990s novel series)
Star Trek: Starfleet Academy (2010 novel series) to Star Trek Annual
Star Trek Annual (DC) to Starbase Operations
Starbase Orpheus to String Quartet Number 5
String Theory to T. Bookout
T. Chavez to Telak
Telarite to The Dogs of War (episode)
The Dominion War to The Valley of Fear
The Vanished to Tom Benko (Commander)
Tom Bergeron to Tricuspid
Tricyanate to USS Excelsior dedication plaque
USS Excelsior personnel to Unnamed Intrepid type starships
Unnamed Iotians to Veritas Part III: Danger... On Ice!
Veritas The Conclusion: Cold Comfort! to Warp factor
Warp field to Wykoff
Wyngari to К. Э. Циолковский

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