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You may be looking for the list of spaceborne species.
Spaceborne entity unfurling

A spaceborne entity

The spaceborne entities are lifeforms that are able to live and travel in the vacuum of space and have the ability to transform into a variety of other objects.

In 2364, a creature of this species was captured by the Bandi and forced to transform into Farpoint Station on Deneb IV.

Its mate, transformed into a strange starship, fired on the neighboring Old Bandi City until the first entity was freed by the USS Enterprise-D. The two creatures left the system, destination unknown. (TNG: "Encounter at Farpoint")

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Spaceborne entity model

Filming the studio model

In Orion's Hounds, part of the Star Trek: Titan novel series, the USS Titan under the command of William T. Riker encountered this species again. They were variously referred to as "star-jellies" by the Titan crew and "skymounts" by another species who used them as space-traveling vessels.

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