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Author(s): Ted Pedersen
Publisher: Aladdin Paperbacks
Series: Pocket DS9 Young Adult #10
Published: 1 June 1997
Pages: 128
Stardate: Unknown (2370)
Reference(s): ISBN 0671007300

It's countdown to disaster for Jake and Nog on planet Rijar!


From the book jacket:

Commander Sisko has made Jake an offer he can't refuse – the chance to attend Starfleet Academy Summer Space Camp on Rijar, once home to an ancient civilization, now an archaeologist's dream. Jake's father has even agreed to send Nog. Jake is looking forward to the adventure and maybe finding something in the ruins to write a story about. But from the day they arrive it's a disaster! The best friends are on their way to becoming worst enemies – until an accident triggers the countdown of a megabomb that threatens the entire planet! Jake and Nog lead an expedition into the catacombs under the base in a desperate race against time. Their only hope is a terrifying voyage into cyberspace to gain control of the ticking bomb that is about to explode...

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